Bedroom Redesign: How To Decorate Your Room

Tired of your bedroom’s look but not sure how to get that airy, relaxing look you’ve seen on social media? Here are 3 great tips to nail the aesthetic.

Designing a relaxing bedroom space can be trickier than it looks. Redesigning your bedroom isn’t as simple as changing the duvet. If you aren’t sure how to decorate your room to give off that calm, dreamy vibe, these tips should help.

Declutter Your Space

If your room is stuffed with knickknacks and random furniture pieces, it will feel cramped. To prevent it from feeling claustrophobic, downsize your clutter.

Clear out any trash or items from other rooms of your home first. Then, get rid of any items you don’t use or that aren’t your style anymore. Clearing surfaces, like the top of your nightstand or dresser, will help the room feel less stressful. You can still have your décor items; just be sure they aren’t overwhelming the space.

Under-the-bed storage is a great option for those items you don’t want to be displayed or need consistent access to. Invest in some under-the-bed storage bags to make the process simpler.

Create a Color Palette

To make your space look cohesive, create a color palette to work with. Soft, calming colors are best for bedrooms; blues, greys, and purples are great options. If you love bold colors, try doing a mostly neutral room with an accent wall or using pillows and blankets as pops of color.

If you aren’t sure how to choose a color palette for your home, there are some easy ways to do it. First, choose your main color. Let’s say it’s lavender for this example. Your first option would be to do a neutral room, with lavender as the pop of color. Neutrals like grey or cream would look lovely here.

Your second option is to do a monochromatic look. Lavender is a light purple, so your complementing colors would all also be purple. You could do a deep eggplant purple to add some richness and a very pale purple to brighten the space.

Finally, you could add a second color to complete the palette. Sage green looks lovely with lavender. For this example, your room would be built around sage green and lavender, with neutrals or coordinating shades of these two colors adding depth.

Select the Proper Lighting

No matter how lovely and calm your space is, it won’t feel relaxing if it’s lit by fluorescent light.Because of this, lighting is one of the most important things to consider when working on a bedroom redesign.

It’s important to choose different kinds of lighting options as you decorate your room, as your desired lighting level will change throughout the day. During the daytime, natural light is ideal. In the evening, reading lamps are preferable. Salt lamps are a great option for a warm, soothing light that’s even dimmer than a regular light.

Be sure to put these and other practical items on your wedding registry so that your bedroom redesign doesn’t break the bank.

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