Best Day Dress Styling Tips

What is your go-to for the weekend? If it’s ‘jeans and a nice top’, we need to stop you right there. To make an impression at brunch or on your day off, you need the perfect day dress. Let us help you with some day dress styling tips! You can easily look chic by following these six steps: (1) pick the perfect fit, (2) choose flattering colours and patterns, (3) know how to accessorise, (4) wear heels for extra height and confidence, (5) don’t be afraid of prints and statement pieces, and finally (6) try out new trends. Check out our latest blog post on how to find the perfect day dress!

Image: Alamour The Label

  1. Picking the perfect fit

Before we get started on styling, let’s go back to basics: what are your assets? Long legs? Let’s raise that hemline. Generous bust? Plunging neckline. Petite waist? Cinch it in. Before you pull out your Gold Platinum card, consider taking 10 minutes to confirm your perfect fit in a store’s changing room. In the long run, it could save you time and money!

  1. Choosing flattering colours and patterns

Finding your ideal day dress goes beyond finding your ideal shape. We’re also talking about finding flattering colours and patterns that also align with the current season. For example, if you’re a fair-skinned individual, a yellow or lemon day dress may not complement your skin tone. However, because day dresses are worn in the warmer months, you won’t want a dark ensemble, either. Bring on the bright, fun, and youthful colours! Use your time in the changing room to your advantage, experimenting with styles until you find your perfect fit.

Image: Alamour The Label

  1. Knowing how to accessorise

When applying makeup, once you have perfected your base, you can then focus on adding a bright eye and a bold lip. Accessorising is a similar process. Did you know that accessorising can change an outfit’s entire tone? By switching from flats to heels, you can go from casual to formal in seconds flat—just like that. Or by switching from a cardigan to a boyfriend blazer, you can change your look from classic to fashion it-girl.

Accessorising needn’t be complicated—it’s all about choosing additions that bring about a common theme. It can be as simple as wearing a belt and oversized shirt in the same colour.

Even changing up your handbag is a form of accessorising. Anyone else getting Belle or Disney Princess vibes?

If you have a sequinned dress, channel your inner Paris Hilton circa 2002 and add a diamond choker or sexy stilettos to maximise the ‘wow’ factor. If your dress is simple and white, consider combat boots for added grunge and tonal variety to the look. The beauty of day dresses is that they’re at least somewhat casual. This means you can dress them up or down simply by adding the right layers.

  1. Wearing heels for extra height and confidence

Despite being a male invention [rolls eyes], high heels bring extra height and extra confidence. And, when you make the right stylistic choice, they will simply meld into your ensemble. Did we mention they make your legs look great, too?

  1. Not shying away from prints and statement pieces

We love a good neutral piece, but that doesn’t mean you should fade into the background! Day dresses don’t have to be single-toned to be fabulous. In fact, floral print can be stunning. Just check out the Manya dress:

Image: Alamour The Label

What are statement pieces? Well, they’re clothes that seem to proclaim something with their mere existence. Exhibit A: the Shailee Dress below:

Image: Alamour The Label

We would call this a statement piece. This dress hugs your fabulous figure and makes no apologies. This is yet another printed day dress, too, and the pink florals speak to femininity. When you wear the Shailee dress, you’re channelling your inner Grace Kelly cross with Kim-K. That is a bizarre merge, but we know you understand where we’re coming from. You shouldn’t be afraid to let your clothing do the talking for you. If you’ve got something to say, express it with fabric—and your accessorising choices, of course.

  1. Trying out new trends

Think you’ve nailed your signature look? Think again. Trends literally change with the seasons. And you’re slightly different today than you were yesterday. Our point is that, like temperaments, fashion is not fixed. It’s an ever-changing beast that’s oozing with inspiration. Because of this, you shouldn’t feel tied down to one look. In fact, as the seasons change, we encourage you to experiment with new colours and accessories. Have fun with it! See if you can reflect your personal growth in your fabulous new day dress.

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