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Summer wedding season has officially begun, although we’re not yet in full swing we’ve started with a bang! That means you still have time to find an outfit that’s a balance between wedding guest and partygoer. There’s no escaping the clutches of the summer sun when you’re sitting in a sticky seat for hours waiting to hear those precious words, “I do,” and this season you want to be prepared. This wedding season you need a dress from a designer who embraces natural fabrics and functionality; this wedding season you need a Lavanya Coodly dress.

As a guest, the rule of thumb for wedding style is don’t wear white. It’s particularly hard to follow this rule in the summer months, as you want a light colored fabric to keep you cool on the sandy beaches and green lawns of summer wedding locations. Because Lavanya Coodly sticks to natural, breathable fabrics, no matter what color you choose, you can be comfortable enough to be in direct sunlight in one of Coodly’s pieces.

If your summer wedding is during particularly sunny hours, pair Coodly’s Felicia dress, available in two ombre shades, with a metallic or nude platform shoe and drop earrings. This 100% silk dress comes trimmed with floral details at the neckline and cuffs, complete with a flattering a-line silhouette and gussets at the hem to ensure effortless movement; making the Felicia dress the perfect piece for an afternoon under the sun. Or, if your wedding party is more casual, the Yudith dress will be the perfect fit for you. This cotton lined dressed is also 100% silk and comes equipped with a belt to cinch your waist. Much like all of Coodly’s pieces, the silhouette of the Yudith dress is designed to flatter the body type of the wearer, highlighting her assets and downplaying her not so favorite features.

For the evening soirée, try Coodly’s Diana or Shay Crystal dresses. Both are 100% silk as well, but the Shay Crystal dress boasts a shorter, dance-floor friendly hemline and is adorned with hand-sewn crystals. The Diana dress is the more grown up cousin, with a mid-calf hem and hidden pockets for stashing tissues and lipstick.

Whether you’re traveling to a secluded island or just heading to your best friend’s backyard, this wedding season, dress to impress with one of Lavanya Coodly’s creations. Guarantee yourself comfort, while remaining chic and stylish in one of her many pieces, and be the best dressed wedding guest you can be. To find more options for your wedding schedule this summer, check out Coodly’s online shop at:



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