Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

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Finding your soulmate to say your “I do” to is hard, but choosing the best wedding destination for the big day – now that’s just a piece of cake. Ok, that was a lie – no, NO IT IS NOT A PIECE OF CAKE AND THINGS CAN GET TOO STRESSFUL! The good news is that, once you calm down a bit and re-think your options, goals, your budget and the number of people you’ll be inviting, things can get easier than you think. To make the best choices in picking out the most fabulous wedding destination for your wonderful upscale wedding day, read below to get inspired:

US: San Francisco, California

upscale wedding

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For the couples that are looking for an urban setting, San Fran is the city to give the chance to. Not at all overwhelming, with a perfect dosage of laid-back lifestyle and big-time urban sophistication, this beautiful city is almost designed for couples who want to enjoy the incredible scenery (hills rise and drop all around), bay-windowed Victorian homes and huge parks joined with skyscrapers. Need more convincing? The absolutely breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge can be spotted from anywhere in the city and its outskirts! San Francisco is a perfect wedding spot for same sex couples, too. The climate is pretty great throughout the year except for the city’s famous fog in the summer. Advise your guests to pack a cardigan or a pashmina for when the sun sets.

Europe: Italy

upscale wedding

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If you are one of the romantic souls, Italy should be your first choice for an upscale wedding (especially if you are already in Europe and don’t have to travel long hours to reach this fabulous destination). Whether you are more attracted to the ancient ruins of Rome, sunflower fields of Tuscany, rocky Amalfi Coast or bridges of Venice your friends and family will absolutely love this country! With all the architectural gorgeousness, history, the amazing temperament of the locals and all the wining and dining – how could you not want to start your married life here! An added bonus? There are a lot of beautiful local wedding shops you can use as inspiration for purchasing any of your preferred bridal dresses online (Europe’s a bit expensive for these types of purchases, really). The local vino and farm-fresh ingredients are delicious, and they could serve as a great feast for your guests. On top of that, nothing beats the fabulous Mediterranean climate, so we bet any time from May until October will work to your benefit!

Europe: Greece

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Yet another beautiful and affordable European destination, Greece is perfect for weddings filled with local wines, fresh Mediterranean cuisine, and joyous traditions. For an upscale wedding, head to Santorini and promise to love your partner forever surrounded by whitewashed villages and black-lava cliffs with Aegean views. If you are in the mood for a 24/7 beach-party scene and a cosmopolitan vibe, Mykonos is your town. Greece offers a lot of low-key places too, so – if you are looking to organize a low key wedding that’s still super fabulous, consider Corfu (the perfect blend of Venetian and French architecture), Crete (an incredible mix of scenic beaches and ancient civilizations) or Rhodes’ medieval old town. The climate in Greece is similar to that in Italy, so make sure you pack your swimsuit for the days after the ‘I do’!

The Caribbean: Puerto Rico

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Jungles, forts, beaches, salsa beats and so much more is what awaits you in the gorgeous island. The capital city of San Juan will charm you with its chic shops of Condado, its close proximity to the popular beaches of Isla Verde, and coquis (tree frogs) of El Yunque rainforest. Coming to Puerto Rico you’ll get to enjoy its incredible history too, with the Old San Juan which is a city within the city: its cobblestone streets and nearly 500-year-old fortress are simply magnificent! Rincon offers gorgeous, intimate strands (perfect for newlyweds!) where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. If Puerto Rico is at all a convenient destination for your budget, you won’t regret coming here!

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