Biggest Guest List Mistakes You Need To Avoid

guest list

One of the hardest parts of organizing a wedding is planning who to invite to your big day. After all, it can be challenging to compile a list. And it’s easy for couples to make mistakes that they live to regret. Therefore, here are some of the biggest guest list mistakes you need to avoid.

guest list

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Inviting too many people

It’s easy to start writing down a list of everyone you know when it comes to your guest list. After all, you feel bad not inviting certain people for your big day. But if you do start asking everyone from colleagues to childhood friends you haven’t seen in years, your list is going to get out of control. And while there are some benefits to a big wedding (more gifts to start with), your day can feel like it’s overcrowded and overwhelming rather than beautiful and intimate. Therefore, it’s time to think realistically about who should come to your big day. And work with your partner to compile a list. After all, they will have their own friends or family who need to come to the big day. And remember to always check what number you are limited to for the venue. After all, you don’t want to invite too many people for the venue.

guest list


Inviting new boyfriends and girlfriends

It always gets awkward when it comes to inviting plus ones. After all, you want people to have a lovely time at your wedding. But if you do start allowing dates, it will double your list. And you might have to make cuts elsewhere to allow partners to come. Therefore, you need to be stricter when it comes to guests other halves. If you have never met them, it might be wise to leave them off the list. And if they are a new partner, you should consider cutting them. After all, if it doesn’t work out, you might have photos that will be awkward to share as they are no longer a couple! Just make sure when you are ordering invites from brands like Inspired Design Wedding Invitations that it’s just the individual who is invited. Otherwise, you might get an awkward situation on your big day.

Letting your parents take over your list

Parents can get very excited about your wedding. After all, they get to see their baby marry. But while you can let them help, you need to rein it in when it comes to the guest list. After all, they will want to invite old pals and work colleagues. But if you let them take over your list, it can soon add up to a crazy total. And then rather than a lovely day surrounded by your friends and family, you will have a load of people you don’t know! Therefore, while they can invite a couple of close friends, you need to take back the reins of the list. Even if they are paying for your wedding, you still have the primary decision on who comes! That way, you won’t live with guest list regret in the future.

guest list

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And remember to not invite anyone who might be wild and disrespectful on your big day. After all, while it’s a good time to let their hair down, you don’t want them ruining the day with their antics!

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