Biodegradable Leaf plates: Sustainable alternative of Styrofoam/Chemicals made plates

Nowadays, so many countries are banning products made of plastic Styrofoam plates/plastic plates are also one of them. They are made from chemicals. So it is harmful to our body & dangerous to our beautiful environment. The last year 2018, on the world environment day, the theme was #beatplasticpollution by United Nations. After that so many Countries, Governments, NGOs, Corporates & many more took actively part to #beatplasticpollution. Before few years, eco-friendly, biodegradable products was very costly for daily routine usage. But, Nowadays, Price becomes reasonable so that we can use it in daily routine. Biodegradable areca leaf plates are one of them. Biodegradable Food Containers, Eco-friendly & reusable straws, Eco-friendly tea cups, glass, etc also available in the market. Another problem is that eco friendly/biodegradable/compostable products are less available in the market. We should engage more people & encourage them to use sustainable products.

How did you come up with the idea for your business/service?
I worked with the United Nations as a volunteer on World Environment Day 2018 & the theme was #beatPlasticPollution & also got the certificate for my work. That time I decided to work more for our environment & I am thinking that environmental problem is not limited to any specific country’s boundary. But, it’s a problem for our whole world & we need to start from somewhere. There is a very huge problem with styrofoam plastic plates. Styrofoam plastic plates are made from the chemicals. So, It’s harmful to our human health & for the environment. That’s why we choose to focus on biodegradable dinnerware. Because the application of this product is very huge i.e Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeteria, Tourism, Wedding & every type of occasions.

What does your work entail?
Our work involves all the people from all over the world who are aware of the environment, for the next generation people’s health, who want to enjoy the beautiful nature.

What is your greatest achievement so far
Worked with the United Nations on #BeatPlasticPollution theme, Encourage people to use eco-friendly/Biodegradable plates & so many people are accepting this product & they also encourage others to use this product. In India, people are becoming more aware to use eco-friendly/biodegradable products. I am happy about that.

Where can our readers find you online?
We are looking for the distributors, Importers, Resellers & can contact us on | | WhatsApp: +91-9998946484. We have a big range of product in biodegradable dinnerware.

Any advice for someone considering to have a wedding business/service?
Just one advice to those who are in the wedding business/service: Please use biodegradable dinnerware. It is biodegradable, reasonable price. You don’t need to wash it (It will save water, detergent & electricity)

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