Bridal Beauty Essentials Inspired by New York Fashion Week

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Yes, there is a certain allure in staying true to the traditional beauty tips that we’ve honored for generations in our wedding ceremonies, from the ivory gown, all the way to something old and something blue. However, could you think of a better source of innovative ideas for your special day than the history-making designs seen in the latest fashion shows?

Think glitter on your eyelids, a reinvented red lip and a rain of pastels everywhere! There are so many vivid, soft, subdued and loud options to choose from, that your New York-inspired wedding will make for a day to remember no matter what style you end up crafting.

Pink up your ensemble
New York Fashion

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Not only will it go wonderfully with your something blue, but pink is one of those colors that kicked off as a seemingly shy trend in the past year, with that millennial shade to top them all, and now it’s here to stay. Whether you choose a pair of pink statement earrings, or a bold shade of eyeshadow in fuchsia, there is no way you can regret adding pink!

The bravest among you might even opt for a fully-blush gown, or a rouge-focused dress, but there are quite a few ways you can bring out that Disney princess style in your wedding without compromising your classy look.

The red lip palette
new york fashion


The perfect example of perfecting an already beloved concept in such a subtle, yet noticeable way, is Helmut Lang’s playful approach to the red lip trend. Yes, every possible hue of maroon, blood and cherry is still in full swing for every occasion, and if you wish to flaunt such a free-spirited trend for your wedding – you go, girl!

This time, however, following in the footsteps of New York fashion show divas, add a few complementing tones of red to your look. Darker in the corners and getting lighter towards the middle is all the rage right now, and it obviously works brilliantly with pink, too!

Pure and simple
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All this talk about makeup has at least one thing in common – the focus this season is mostly on a single aspect of your look that will pop, while the spotlight is mostly on achieving a clear complexion and flaunting a nature-inspired look. That means that regardless of your age and lifestyle, the almost nude complexion is a much-coveted asset of beauty.

That means turning to long-term skincare that is based on natural ingredients, such as nourishing facial masks, year-round usage of zinc-oxide-based natural sunscreen, high-quality lip balms and moisturizing lotions with powerful antioxidants to keep those wrinkles at bay.

Texture with a twist
new york fashion

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As for your pride and joy, your pièce de résistance of your wedding look, your dress can also be amended with the help of a few handy ideas from New York fashion designers. Various capes and coats for a cold-seasoned wedding can be a perfect choice to add variety to your gown, while all sorts of ruffle, frill, feathers and fringe are more than welcome on the dress itself.

Instead of changing the material itself, adding a layered appearance with the help of bows, twists, cuts and asymmetrical slits also adds sophistication and authenticity to your outfit of choice, especially if you choose to play with color combos as well.

Imaginative accessories

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Once again, details like pearls never lose their beauty when used to embellish your wedding day style. However, in addition to the classics, statement jewelry items that include feather-laden earrings, cuffs or mismatched, all-black mixes will make you stand out even further, if at all possible on such a special occasion.

Then again, softer add-ons such as delicate gloves are an all-time favorite, and they haven’t lost their reputation at all. Less traditional, yet vintage-inspired could be the hair-adornments in the form of nets, hats and decorative bands with elements from nature, from butterflies to flowers. They are all designed with passion in mind, and meant to inspire a unique look for your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony!

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