Bridal Beauty Trends for 2018

bridal beauty

To all the future brides who will be tying the knot this year, congratulations! You have a magical year of planning a storybook event of your dreams ahead of you. There are flower arrangements, cake, venue and music to be picked, and let’s not forget that moment when you will say the ‘oh, yes!’ to a wedding dress. Of course, hair and makeup are the final touch, and even though it’s the last piece of the wedding puzzle, it is certainly one of the most important ones. All eyes will be on you, but that’s not why you want to look like a bridal angel, at least it’s not the only reason. You want your choice of hair and makeup to reflect your personality, bring out your best features, and make you look and feel radiant and confident. With that perfect combination of personal preferences and the upcoming trends, you are bound to find a look that is just you.

Minimally stunning

bridal beauty

Given that both the bridal and other collections presented on the runways featured models flaunting their almost bare luminosity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the hottest bridal beauty trends revolves around the minimal amount of makeup and plenty of natural glow. This season is all about lightweight luminous foundations and just a touch of concealer to brighten the under-eye area. Cream and skin-like highlighters placed on the high points of the face are the cherry on the luminous sundae. As for the eyes, this look calls for just a sweep of creamy eyeshadow across the lid to give it some depth and definition. You can go with false lashes, but make sure they look natural and not over the top. Lip gloss is making a huge comeback, so swipe generously over your go-to nude shade, and voila – bridal beauty. This kind of makeup look calls for minimalism in the hair department as well, so a sleek low bun or soft waves will be the perfect choice.

Regardless of the makeup look you choose, make sure you take extra care of your skin and keep it healthy. Get a facial at least two weeks before the big day, and make sure to slather your skin with moisturizers and the amazing Swisse Argan facial serum that is incredibly beneficial thanks to its active ingredients that penetrate and nourish your skin.

Some things never change

bridal beauty

Trends come and go, but certain beauty staples are forever. Such is the case with the iconic red lip. Now, you could definitely go for earthy tones on the eyes, keep it subtle as the pop of red will be enough to make you noticeable. If you’re into an even more classic look, you can always take the pin-up inspired route and wing that liner as much as you want. Classic rosy flushed cheeks are mandatory with this look, to give you that dose of healthy skin that only a great blush can. One thing to remember – it probably isn’t the best idea to wear red for the first time in your life on your wedding day. The perfect red can be tricky to nail, so if you don’t already have that ultimately flattering shade, don’t experiment now. This classic look gives you the freedom to experiment with the hair, so you can go with a chic elegant updo, a slick down – anything that comes to mind will work.

One hue to rule all

One of the absolute best and perhaps most romantic looks (aside from the sheer and luminous) is the monochromatic look that has completely dominated the runways showcasing bridal collections. There is something breezy and romantic about a monochromatic look that just makes a bride look divine. Depending on your skin tone, your choice of color should be either a rosy or dusty pink or a refreshing peach. The look is incredibly simple to achieve – a generous dose of your chosen hue on the lids (brow bone graced with just a bit of a shimmery beige), a decent amount of blush topped off with just a hint of highlighter and a matte lipstick to match. With a makeup look so down to earth and border-line angelic, keeping the hair simple and in subtle boho-vibes is the way to go. Bows have been a major trend that has no intention of slowing down, so something oozing innocence and a free-spirit might just be the right choice for a bride that’s a romantic kid inside.

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