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Although natural flowers have its tenderness and touch of nature it does not last long and have to be maintained well to retain its original look and feel. That’s why silk flower and brooch bouquets are the best option. Not only does it look elegant and beautiful but it also last a long time and have several advantages over natural flowers.

Luxurious Brooch Crystal Bouquet

  • Longer Shelf Life: Brooch crystal bouquets are really gorgeous and are made with silk, nylon, viscose and polyester which enables it to last long compared to natural flowers and look attractive and new for years to come.

  • Perfect Match for New Bride: A Bride wants to look beautiful and stand out at her Her gorgeous brooch crystal bouquet will be a perfect combination to her flawless bridal look. The crystal and pearls in the bouquet will enhance the beauty and glory and make her feel wonderful.


  • Easy to Carry: No matter wherever you are going, brooch crystal bouquets are very are easy to carry and take along with you. The silk flowers will not be affected by extreme temperature. Silk flowers are extremely resistant and their color and shape will not deteriorate when you move from one place to another in your wedding attire.


  • Low Maintenance: Brooch crystal bouquets are very much user friendly with no maintenance at all. You don’t have to take care of them like natural flowers. Just dust or wipe it at periodic intervals and it will be perfect and brand new. It enhances the beauty and beautify the look of any room you keep it and you are sure to get admiration from a lot of people.


  • Non Allergic: If you are alergic to flowers and pollen silk and brooch bouquets are the best options. You can be worry and tension free on your special day with silk and brooch bouquets.You can carry them with your and can place it anywhere you feel like.

So what are you waiting for?

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