Bride beauty tips: What not to do before a wedding

The most beautiful day of your life is coming! It’s only a few weeks before you say “Yes! I want!” calls. You have the perfect dress, the most beautiful bouquet and the most beautiful location. And as you go through your checklist for the 134th time, you see that you have effaced yourself a bit. Of course you also want to look radiant on your big day. That’s why here are the bride beauty do’s and don’ts in the run-up to your wedding.

1. DON’T eat/drink junk food and alcohol.

Of course this is very logical, but for some it is very tempting to order a pizza and open that bottle of wine in the evening, while you are busy crafting the DIYs for the wedding. Fatty food causes pimples and other impurities in your face. Alcohol dries out your skin. Try to eat as little sugar as possible during the day and drink a lot of water. Apples and cucumbers are full of water and super healthy. Hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer. Did I mention moisture and hydration was important?

2. DON’T get your eyebrows waxed right before the wedding.

When you have your eyebrows waxed, you always run the risk of irritation, rash, allergic reaction or worst: burns. In addition, you probably have red skin around your eyebrows on the day of your wedding. If you want to have your eyebrows in good shape for your wedding, it is advisable to schedule this about 4 to 5 days before the big day.

3. DO Put on some white on the day of your make-up trial.

White is a color that absorbs. That is to say, your test make-up can look great with that purple shirt but turn out completely different in your white wedding dress. By putting on some white, you can immediately see how your make-up looks on your wedding day, provided you wear a white wedding dress.

bride beauty
bride beauty

4. DON’T Whiten your teeth yourself.

Most whiteners ensure that your teeth still have white spots after use or for a strange color in the photos. So don’t mess with teeth whitening sets yourself, but invest in a good dental clinic to get radiant, white teeth.

5. DO Plan ahead and schedule time.

Arrange fitting appointments well in advance, arrange a make-up artist and hair stylist on time. Agree well in advance the times of the morning that you and your guests will be prepared and when the photographer will be present. When everyone around you is calm, you are also calm. Make sure your bridal experts have the time to get the best out of you. When someone doesn’t get enough time and has to work in a hurry, this may be at the expense of how you look later.

6. DON’T Spray Tan

Don’t take a spray tan a week in advance because you think you look too white. Make sure you have an appointment 2-3 months in advance at a good spray tan salon and get good advice. Then see if the color suits you well and you are satisfied with the quality of the salon. When you have made your choice you can use that color for your wedding.

7. DO Prep your get-together location.

Prepare your location where your hair and makeup will be done. Provide a mirror, a stool/chair, a table and sufficient light. Preferably natural light. Fluorescent light will make your makeup look bad in daylight. Also make sure you have access to an electrical outlet. Your hair stylist will definitely need these. You can of course also outsource these matters to your master of ceremonies!

8. DON’T Get ready with the wedding dress.

This is really so dangerous. No matter how experienced the make-up artist can be, she is only human and a spot is easily made. You will of course not be able to remove that spot on the morning of your wedding. Nowadays they sell beautiful (bridal) dressing gowns made of silk. A lot safer and they also look great on your photos.

9. DO Book a touch up

You can book a touch up with many make-up artists and hairstylists. This means that your make-up will be updated just before your photo shoot or evening party. You’ve been sitting on it for a while and may have shed a tear here and there. This way you feel radiant again and you will see that too!

10. DON’T Try on a totally different look.

The Pinterest bridal related trends may look great now, but will they look 10 years from now? Choose things that suit you and show your personality. The same goes for your appearance. If you don’t normally wear a lot of make-up, ask your makeup artist for a natural, calm bridal make-up. Be yourself. You are the bride so the radiant center anyway!

Do you have any tips/experiences for other brides comment below!

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