Why the bride should have a wedding website? – Chat with Dom Kepska, owner of Intermedia Creator

wedding website

Wedding websites turn the task of wedding planning from a formidable challenge into

an interactive piece of cake! With many free wedding website’ platforms the entire process has been laid out for you… all you need to do is add your dreams and watch your vision come to life.

Wedding websites have recently become very popular. Why do you think that is?

First of all, they make your life so much easier. A wedding website is probably the best way for bringing your guests together in one virtual place.  Especially for couples with guests coming from abroad, or those getting married in a remote location where lists of nearby accommodation and travel details are essential. In a nutshell, it’s a website where your guests can go to find ALL the information about your wedding.

What else can a bride benefit from by having a website?

As well as all the essential information (such as gift list details, flight options and nearby hotels), the best wedding websites allow you to add galleries of guest photos (so families can meet each other in cyberspace before the big day). Also, most of the platforms allow you to create and customize your website free of charge.

If you add the site’s address to your invitations, your guests should hopefully spend a little of their monthly time online actually checking it, therefore saving on phone calls to you or your parents asking for details about the big day.

The best part about it is that you can make yours as stylish, simple or elaborate as you want and choose every single detail. Long gone are the days of twee website designs and cheesy illustrations.

To sum it up:

Personal wedding websites allow your friends and family to stay informed while alleviating your stress and allowing you to enjoy the ride.

Wedding websites display perfectly on mobile and tablet devices, making it a perfect way to share wedding details with your guests on-the-go.

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