Bridesmaid Beauty Tips You Need for the Big Day

With the big day coming up, you want to make sure that everything fits the fairy tale you have planned. As your closest friends, your bridesmaids will be together with you every step of the way. This is precisely why you want to make sure that your lovely bridesmaids look absolutely amazing and feel confident as they stand next to you.

Consider Their Individual Style

Uniformity can be achieved with dress colors and other details, which is why you should never force your bridesmaids to rock the same hairstyle and makeup. After all, they probably all have different face shapes and preferences, and one single look won’t suit them all well or make them feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. That said, make sure to talk to your bridesmaids as well as the hairdresser and makeup artist for the wedding so that you can come up with the best looks for each girl together.

Cater the Dresses to Their Figure

Just like the same hair and makeup wouldn’t look good on all of your bridesmaids, you can’t expect that one-style dress will either. Therefore, make it a point to choose the dresses together with your bridesmaids so that they can try the cuts and designs that flatter them the most. In order to achieve the traditional uniformity in look, you can opt for the same color dresses and the same materials. The jewelry and other accessories can also be a part of the popular uniform style.

Go for a Matchy-Matchy Look

While individuality is as important as uniformity when wedding and bridesmaid looks are concerned, it’s also important to keep in mind the overall theme of the wedding. That said, if you plan to go for a classic wedding look, ensure that your bridesmaids match the said theme as well. Of course, whatever other theme you may want for your wedding, be it more fantastical or traditional, the bridesmaid style should follow suit. With everyone who’s part of the wedding actually blending into the wedding theme, the entire ensemble is bound to look more gorgeous and magical. And your wedding day pictures will be magnificent.

Enjoy the Beaty Prep Together

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As the big day grows nearer, you’ll probably find yourself busy with various beauty treatments and procedures. Instead of going through all of this on your own, it’s always better to share the fun with your besties. And who else would be the perfect company than your dearest bridesmaids? Who knows? If you’ve set on getting a LASIK eye surgery in NYC like NYC fashionistas, you might feel at ease to have your bridesmaids there with you for support. And, of course, you can all have a blast while prepping your skin and hair, having relaxing massages, doing your nails, and so on. With your best friends with you, you’ll be able to find joy and entertainment in these activities instead of looking at them as plain tasks before the wedding day.

Work as a Team

It’s common knowledge that bridesmaids are there to help the bride-to-be get through the day without any mishaps, or at least without anyone noticing them. Therefore, the bridal emergency kit consisting of safety pins, wet wipes, fabric cleaners, makeup backups, pain and indigestion meds, extra stockings, and so on has become a traditional must-have. However, this emergency kit is not only reserved for the bride. Sit down together with your bridesmaids so that you can craft this kit with all of the essentials that would save all of you a lot of trouble in case something does happen. In that sense, don’t forget to include the necessities for your bridesmaids as well.

Do the Look Trial Together

As you organize your own bridal look trial before the day that celebrates your love, don’t forget to get your bridesmaids in on the fun. You definitely are the star and the queen of the day for your wedding, but your bridesmaids are meant to complement your look even more. This is why you all have to make sure that the hair, makeup, dresses, and overall beauty radiating from all of you together match your ideas of the perfect wedding day.

To make things simpler for everyone, make it a point to include your bridesmaids into every single decision related to them, especially when it comes to dresses, hairstyles, and makeup. In general, going through this particular prep before the wedding together will leave no room for mistakes or having someone less than satisfied with your choices. Your bridesmaids are girls that have been there for you in the best of times and the worst of times, which is precisely why there’s no need to carry the burden of big day organization on your own. What’s more, your friends deserve to feel happy and beautiful as they accompany you on your way to say your faithful “I do.”

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Wedding preparations may be stressful, but with your bridesmaids there with you, the beauty prep and styling can turn into heartwarming fun.

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