Brisbane Wedding Photographer Tom Hall

Amongst the many talented Brisbane wedding photographer portfolios, Tom Hall Photography is one that many brides become most smitten by. His work is undeniably gorgeous and has a special blend of natural authenticity and luxurious style.

Looking through his many professional galleries of happy couples getting married at iconic Brisbane wedding venues you can see endless examples of love captured perfectly. He seems to document the important moments in a way that looks effortlessly chic. Also, he finds creative angles and ideas at every wedding event.

Many of his images can be described as fine art and I can imagine his prints are hanging on the walls of many Australian homes. What bride wouldn’t adore having such a timelessly beautiful photograph of herself from her best day ever? Tom is an artist as well as a photographer and his work is distinctive and seriously evocative.

Creating consistently brilliant work takes a professional photographer who has both skill and a huge love of the job. You need to have both to shoot weddings because the work involves long hours and work conditions that are varying on so many levels. The venues, the weather, the lighting and the event format are changing for every job so you need to be on the ball to produce excellent work every time. You also need to love your job because it’s hard work both physically and mentally.

Tom’s personality seems to be just right for the job. He is a confessed romantic who talks about his wife Sarah like they just met. They have been together for more than two decades. If you read the blog post about how they met and he chased her until she agreed to go on a date you will know what a romantic soul this one is.

On top of that, he is a friendly, down-to-earth person who is an artistic storyteller who uses his camera to document love stories. You must like your photographer because they are with you all day long from getting ready to the “I Dos” and often right through until the last dance of the night. Tom is lovely, blends in with the crowd, knows when to take control and has a calming influence when it’s needed. You can see from his reviews online that he’s a genuinely likable guy who has probably seen and handled every wedding situation imaginable.

This Australian wedding photographer has won many awards covering weddings in Brisbane, Maleny, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Toowoomba. Not a few awards, but over 70 notable awards recognizing his achievements, skill and talent in the industry. That’s quite the collection and shows he is a leader and innovative creator in his chosen career.

For 13 years Tom has been documenting glamorous weddings and was previously working as a beauty and portrait photographer. It was his mother who got him onto the path of photography that was his true calling in life. She gifted him a camera at the young age of 17 years old and the

rest was destiny. His work in the beauty photography genre gave him great experience and as soon as he attended a wedding he knew he had found his place in life. A wedding day entailed beauty, portraiture, life, love, culture, fashion, food, dance – a day photographing all the things he loved most. He was hooked and never looked back.

Tom infuses love and laughter into his work. You can see many moments of joyful bliss expressed by couples who are relaxed in front of his camera. There is a level of trust and connection that couples surely have with this Brisbane wedding photographer for him to be able to get these beautiful shots. He documents love in a way that looks effortless. The special moments, the emotions, the raw feelings of the big day are all caught by Tom just perfectly. His anticipation and timing of how these moments will unfold have been skillfully honed to perfection over many years of shooting weddings.

Tom is also a master of lighting techniques. Some of his most memorable bridal images are taken at night. Couples embracing under starry skies, intimate shots of architect lit at night and moody images of newlyweds in upmarket reception venues fill his galleries. There is even a lightning shot while a couple kisses each other. That is some wild skill right there!

Also the iconic veil shot. If a bride chooses to wear a long veil she surely wants that one image of the veil flying beautifully in the wind. Of course, there isn’t always wind but Tom has his skills or a direct line to The Weather Man. Either way, Tom has this lovely image in his galleries and each time it’s refreshingly unique. Overall Tom beautifully see life in a beautiful way. Weddings documented through his eyes are captured forever in a stylish, classic and meaningful way.

It’s easy to get lost in the dreamy vendor recommendations on Tom Hall’s website. You can see he works with some of the best bridal vendors in Brisbane and the wider area and he kindly recommends every service a bride and groom might need including venues, florists, entertainment and even wedding cake suppliers. It’s reassuring to have a list of these trusted vendors and to have some help to gather the dream team you need for the big day.

This Brisbane photographer arrives at every wedding with almost as much excitement for the day as the guests have. Tom is a passionate photographer who thankfully discovered his talent and calling in life at an early age. For many, it comes but much later in life. His drive, dedication and bright enthusiasm for his craft and career are evident in the pages of his photographic portfolio.

What a blessing for the brides and grooms who find Tom early in their new life together as they head into the bustling world of wedding planning.

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