Buy The Right Diamond Engagement Ring By Asking The Right Questions

Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding a jeweller you can trust is a big deal before putting your money down on a diamond engagement ring. With so many jewellery retailers online and on the high-street, the choices are becoming increasingly varied leaving people more puzzled than ever.

It’s important to get your head clear of confusion and clarify key questions you should ask before you spend any money. Finding high quality diamond jewellery specialists is the first thing you need to do. After this, you can happily choose the ring knowing it’s authentic and you have spent your money wisely.

First things first though, how do you know what questions to ask? It’s not like you go out and buy thousand-pound engagement rings every month. This is unchartered territory for most people so we are giving you some helpful hints to get asking the right questions:

> What 4C’s does the diamond have?

If you don’t know the 4 C’s before walking into the shop, ask the jeweller to explain it to you. Their in-depth knowledge and experience will help you know exactly what you are buying and whether it’s the right fit for your partner. The 4 C’s (colour, cut, clarity and carat weight) will all equal the overall price and look of the diamond.

> Has the diamond been graded?

Like any stone that comes from an official trader, it should come with a special grading report from an official body or organisation. Depending on the country, each grading organisation will be different. It serves an important purpose however of explaining the diamonds origin and other key information.

> Is there room for modification?

Whether the ring can be modified or not is a key question to ask. It may not fit your partner perfectly and if the ring is an antique, there’s a good chance it cannot be modified to preserve its form. So, ask the jeweller whether it can be resized or upgraded before putting your money down.

Now, we will talk about some questions you should ask yourself when choosing a jeweller. This way you can buy from somewhere legitimate that cares about your needs and gives you the best deal possible.

  • Does the jeweller listen to what you want? The main focus should be on the style requirements and desires of the bride. You want to make sure the jeweller asks plenty of questions and listens to get a good idea of what fits the recipients’ needs instead of pushing their own ideas.
  • How established is the jeweller? Do they have solid credentials, are there reviews on their website, how long have they been in business and what do general online reviews say about the company?
  • Does the store you want to buy from offer a good selection of rings?
  • How much knowledge does the jeweller have? Are they able to explain to you key information with ease?
  • Does the jeweller offer any other services?

All of these questions are important to ask if you want to have a good experience when purchasing a ring. Bearing them in mind will help you get more clued up on what you’re buying and whether it suits your partner’s needs.


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