Keep Your Wedding Plans Casual with a Personalized Website

wedding plans

Wedding plans are exciting, but also stressful. So, whenever there’s an area where corners can be cut it’s always a good thing! And although wedding invitations are vital to the planning process, that piece can be adjusted a bit to make things a little easier on you and your wallet.

Personalized wedding websites are a fun and easy alternative to save the dates, wedding invitations and even rsvp cards. But if it sounds a bit too scary not to send out paper invitations, creating a wedding website in combination can serve as a backup or extra layer for your guests to receive information and provide theirs as well.

There are quite a few platforms where couples can build custom websites from Wedding Wire and The Knot to Basic Invite; who also offer casual wedding invites. And if you’re really savvy you could even build your own from scratch. Either way, it’s important to include all the information guests will need.

Follow this list of information to include to ensure you have the built a comprehensive, helpful, and stylish wedding website.

Photo Gallery

This is where those engagement photos come in handy. Upload your some of your favorite engagement photos and pictures of your favorite memories to share.

Directions & Maps

Be sure to include venue names and hotel information including addresses, directions, and even maps. Guests will love having easy access to this come wedding day.

Registry Information

A clickable link straight to your registry will be gold to your guests. The less work they have to do the more time they’ll spend shopping! It’s a win/win.


Choose to create a website cohesive with your wedding theme. That may mean color choices, font styles, or illustrations. And if you do decide to order wedding invitations as well choose a design that matches to create a clean, cohesive feel.

Custom wedding websites are a much more casual way to invite guests and give them the information they need. We are in the digital age after all.

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