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More than 100 years ago, Nobel-Prize Winning Scientist Dr. Henri Moissan stumbled upon a fallen meteorite from the cosmos 50,000 years old, and it was in it that he found our beautiful, iridescent Moissanite. Its impressive qualities as a mineral beguiled Tiffany & Co.’s well-respected gemologist George Kunz, who saw a great potential in it as a gem stone and gave it a name most befitting. Now, through the advances in technology and proprietary processes, Moissanite is made readily accessible to the public as a diamond alternative by Charles & Colvard, whose unwavering faith in it can be seen in their devoted purpose to always improving the product.

In recent news, Michael Nguyen, Founder of Custom Jewelry Company Fire & Brilliance, has teamed up with David Gendal, Head of Mostly Moissanite Inc. to introduce the world’s very first certified Charles & Colvard (C&C) Forever One moissanite gems!

These Charles & Colvard moissanite gems created in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina are certified by a 3rd party diamond and gems grading company called Precision Gem Grading Laboratory (PGGL). Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies made for jewelry, PGGL is able to provide a very detailed laboratory grading report for each moissanite gem to ensure that the characteristic descriptions are specific to that stone’s individual quality.

The “Moissanite Jewel Grading Certificate” provides thorough information similar to that of diamond grading reports, such as: “Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.” It also includes the stone’s exact dimensions, measurements, crown angles, girdle thickness, polish, symmetry, and fluorescence grade.  The guarantee of such is the defining difference between uncertified and certified moissanite stones.

In their professional opinion, the true beauty of a gem is captured by its fire and brilliance* (hence, the company’s name), created through light refraction and reflections. Moissanite, specifically, is solely comprised of silicon carbide which has double the refractive index and as a result of this, double the fire and brilliance. In pertinence to how this is described of each stone in the certificate, “Light Behavior Grade” is the highlighting factor as it measures the “Brilliance, Sparkle, and Intensity.” A “Brilliancy Image” is then also provided for your visual reference.

The initial step in grading these gems requires meeting specific quality standards prior to being considered as “Acceptable.” With this in mind, Fire & Brilliance and Mostly Moissanite, Inc. carefully hand-pick the moissanite gems with the met prerequisites for these grading reports. In succession, just the top-tiered gems are selected after they are graded by PGGL, reserving only the absolute best of the best available for sale.

This process is tedious and time-consuming; and therefore, supply is limited! Visit Fire & Brilliance to view these stones in action.

*the measure of sparkle visible to the human eye



Company Name: Fire & Brilliance

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