Choosing a good pair of designer eyeglasses

Choosing a good pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses is not an easy task, because there are so many styles and frames. It is vital to protect your eyes well against UV (Ultraviolet) radiation, but designer eyeglasses are also an important fashion accessory for your look, whatever your personal style.

But everything in its time. This blog post is about which sunglasses suit which face shape. But then you have to know what shape your face has. Square, round, elongated, diamond-shaped, oval?

A good way to find out is to take a picture of your face looking straight at the camera. Then use tracing paper to precisely trace the edges of your face to see what shape your face is. No camera at hand? Then look straight into the mirror and use an erasable marker.

Now that you know what shape your face is, let’s look at the different options that might suit you.

Designer eyewear with a square face

A strong jawline and wide cheekbones go very well with aviators or round jewelry eyeglasses. If you have sharp lines of sight, the rule applies: the bigger the better. If you have a somewhat finer face, it is best to opt for the somewhat narrower and medium-sized frames. Oval and round frames also work well when they have a thicker rim.

Designer prescription glasses with a round face

With a round face, which often has soft lines, you should go for a style with a lot of definition. Make your cheeks look a little slimmer by going for a frame that’s only slightly wider than the fullest part of your face. So choose designer prescription glasses that comes in different sizes and choose the largest one. Rectangular frames are the best solution because they make your face look a little longer and therefore a little less round. For example, choose a plastic frame in dark colors and printing for a defined look.

In any case, stay away from round frames, because that will accentuate your round face. Rectangular and elongated frames are your best option.

Glasses with an elongated face

With an elongated face, it is important to keep balance. It is best to choose a frame that is no wider than the widest part of your face.

Round and rectangular frames work well for this face type, but make sure you go for the larger frames. You don’t want your face to look too narrow. Aviators are a good option because the teardrop lenses accentuate your cheekbones and jaw.

Glasses with a heart or diamond-shaped face

A retro look goes well with the pointy chin and wide cheekbones associated with this face shape. Go for rectangular and colorful styles. Strong colors and lots of details ensure that the attention is drawn to your eyes, which makes the bottom of your face less prominent.

Glasses with an oval face

With an oval face you are almost always in the right place, because just about every style fits this face shape. So try out many designer eyewear styles. For example, dark glasses add status, while metal frames provide a sleek silhouette.

Go for the medium to large frames as too small will make your face look narrow. The large frames ensure that the cheekbones come out nicely. If you choose a rectangular frame, make sure that the temples of the glasses are not too low on your face, because then your face will appear elongated, which is not necessary with an oval face.

Some other aspects to pay attention to:

Face shape is of course only one criterion, but there are more things to consider when choosing a good pair of sunglasses. Such as hair color and skin tone. So experiment a lot to see what works best for you.

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