Choosing Your Wedding Dress Accessories

wedding accessories

One of the most important parts of your wedding planning is finding just the right dress to walk down the aisle in. After you’ve acquired the dress it is time to look for matching accessories.

You will want wedding day shoes that match or complement your dress, but also shoes you will be able to walk around all day in without being in pain. Many brides match their shoe color with their official wedding colors. If you choose not to do this you will want to find a pair of shoes that are the same shade of white as your dress. When it comes to the type of shoe you wear on your wedding day, pumps are still the most common choice, but some brides instead choose ballet flats or sandals.

While traditionally brides wore a veil on their heads, today’s brides often swap out the veil for either flowers or a tiara. If your wedding dress is a ball gown style then a full length veil would complement it perfectly. Wearing flowers in your hair is a great complement to a wedding dress that has flowers on it, especially if you are getting married outdoors. A headband is also an option if this is something you would feel comfortable and look beautiful in. The headband can be a simple white one or it can match the color of your flowers or your bridesmaids’ dresses.

The best jewelry to pair with your wedding dress is often pearls. These are traditionally worn by brides on their wedding day and they will always go with your wedding dress. Even if your dress is not white, pearls are still an excellent choice. When it comes to choosing a pair of earrings smaller ones are better if your hair is short or you will be wearing it up for your wedding. If you have long, flowing hair on your wedding day chandelier earrings make a great choice. The necklace that you choose to wear should be determined by the style of your dress. A simple pearl necklace is great for anything but an off the shoulder dress, in which case a bolder necklace would make more of an impact.

Though you’ll want a handbag by your side on your wedding day, your choice in bags should also be based on your dress. If you chose a classic wedding dress it is best complimented by a square shaped bag. For a more modern wedding dress the bag you should carry should be a round handbag. Any embellishments on the bag will help it to compliment your dress beautifully. A clutch purse is one you can’t go wrong with on your wedding day.

For many brides, the final touch to their wedding day look is white gloves. If you chose a traditional wedding gown, satin, full length gloves will add more style to your overall look. Just make sure you take them off before you start lighting those discount wedding sparklers you picked up for after your reception otherwise you’ll need to throw them out after the wedding instead of putting them in your scrapbook.

Choosing your wedding accessories is an experience that will help you enjoy your special day. Just find accessories that compliment your dress and your personality and you’re sure to have an amazing wedding day experience!


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