Christian Newlywed Game Questions: How to Have Fun

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With the profound changes in the lifestyle and living trends, people have started exploring the tiny pleasures that one can gain from different occasions and situations of life. Everyone is fond of a wedding function as it proves to be the most enjoyable occasion for the family members and loved ones of the couple getting married.

Theme parties at different weddings add a different charm to the numerous moments in the wedding function. A Christian wedding theme party not only involves extravagant decorations, cuisine, wine, and beverages but also an ample amount of space for the room of having some fun through exciting new games.

Entertainment quotient

A lot of couples host such kind of Christian wedding parties where numerous game choices are being kept for the people in the function to have fun. Considering the theme of the party, the alternatives for the games are limited as a certain amount of purity and sanctity needs to be maintained in a Christian wedding. So in such a case, a game of a similar kind inspired by the popular game show ‘The Newlywed Game’ which had debuted on the television in the year 1966 can prove to be the most appropriate choice. This game is quite flexible in nature as married and unmarried couples both can participate in it and acquire the benefits of playing it respectively.

How to play?

The original game has experienced numerous variations due to different people wanting to add a personal touch to the game. Some modifications in the game can be done by splitting the participants in a group of three to four teams of couples with one person in the team kept as the leader of the respective group. The competition between the couples of different groups will be based on the acquisition of maximum points for winning the game. The game should the follow the following pattern:

A list of questions asked separately to the guys and girls in the team and the then the answers to be matched between the several couples with the correct match in the game gaining winning points. The Christian newlywed game questions can include numerous questions that can help in determining the compatibility, understanding, emotional bonding and likes or dislikes between the couples who have participated.

The church newlywed game questions to be asked in the game for fun can include just simple ones pertaining to daily activities or special situations like the following:

When was the first time that your spouse went to the church to pray?

If you could travel to different places in the world, where would your spouse want to go?

If it’s the turn of your spouse to plan a date night, where would he or she plan to go?

What is the idea of a perfect life for your spouse?

Which habit of yours is disliked the most by your spouse?

Who is the first one to apologize after both of you have got into a heated argument?

What different profession would your spouse have, if not the current one?

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