Couples Advice: Tips for Engagement Ring Shopping Together

Are you ready to start shopping for engagement rings with your partner? Discover several tips that’ll make finding the perfect band fun and easy.

Traditionally, one partner goes ring shopping and surprises the other once they pop the question. While some still follow this tradition, it’s becoming less common. Nowadays, many couples go ring shopping together and then make the proposal a surprise. Check out these tips for engagement ring shopping together to keep this process fun.

Have a Budget Talk

Getting engaged is an exciting step in your relationship, and buying that ring is a thrilling experience. First, however, you and your partner should decide on an appropriate amount to spend on this piece of jewelry based on what’s affordable. As you set your budget, consider the types of metal, settings, gem size, and, of course, the stone. While diamonds are the most traditional, it’s not your only option.

By deciding on a price together, you kick things off on the right foot—you’re a team! Both of you may have to make a few compromises to meet in the middle for the ideal price. Browse for rings online to better understand typical prices for your style preferences and make the process easier.

Understand the Lingo

As you browse rings, you may come across various terms that you aren’t familiar with if you’re not a jewelry lover. For instance, you may wonder what diamond clarity is and how it impacts price. Clarity is one of the 4 Cs—the other three being cut, carat, and color—and represents how many blemishes or inclusions a diamond has. Knowing the lingo is important as you start ring shopping.

Consider Lab-Grown

It’s also important to understand the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. The latter are the gems we get from the earth. Lab-grown diamonds come from a laboratory, but these are not cubic zirconia; these gems still receive a certificate from GIA based on the 4 Cs.

Many brides-to-be gravitate toward lab-grown diamonds nowadays because lab diamonds are ethical and cost-effective. Some natural diamonds can come from ethical sources, but not all. Also, lab-grown diamonds cost less because, unlike natural ones, there’s no scarcity surrounding them. This means you can get a larger gem at a lower price.

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Find Quality Jewelers

Another tip for couples who are ring shopping together is to ask friends and family for jeweler references. The best jewelers know a lot about the gems they sell and know their origins.

As you search for shops, strive to buy from one that offers appraisals so that you can get your ring insured shortly after buying it. Likewise, the jeweler should have repair services so that you can bring your ring in for yearly maintenance and leave it in trusted hands.

Make a Date Out of It

Above all else, it’s important to make shopping fun for both of you. After evaluating ring options and visiting various shops, go out for some drinks or a romantic dinner with your partner. This is the first big step in the marital process, and you two should enjoy every moment!

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