Couples therapy what to expect

couples therapy

Relationship or couples therapy is often seen as the last resort to get a relationship on track again. Relationship problems are often hidden under a mountain of emotions and experiences, which may require some time to reveal. Maybe you’ve tried anything and you refuse to give up on the relationship. If you are planning to consult a specialist read on to see what you can expect.

Is relationship therapy a good idea?

It is a big step and it is in itself an adjustment, knowing that you can not solve the problem yourself. You have probably already asked relationship advice from different people, but nothing seems to help. Maybe you asked advice from family members or friends. It is better to discuss these topics with a professional therapist. Your friends and family often give advice based on their own situation and they are not objective.

What is the difference between a relationship therapist and psychologist?

There is a big difference between a therapist and a psychologist. While psychologists must have completed a university study in order to apply for the title, everyone can become a relationship therapist. This title is not protected and is not subject to formal requirements. A psychologist or therapist may not call himself a doctor. Only psychiatrists have completed a medical education.

This is not to say that there are no good relationship therapists available. Often these people have followed courses to practice the profession. Therapists may be able to deal with you in a more human way, while psychologists will follow a more empirical approach. What works can be different for everyone?

What about online therapy?

Online therapy can be a great solution if you want to save time and money. Although some people prefer a face-to-face therapist an online therapist can be just as good. Besides, there are usually no waiting lists and you can get help immediately in the comfort of your home.

How does relationship therapy work?

Depending on which therapy you prefer, you will usually first undergo an interview with the therapist. Here there will be evaluated where the problems are and how they can be solved with sessions. Do not expect your therapist to fix everything in a few encounters. After the intake interview, you will then be listened to separately. You have to be able to distinguish the individual problems of the joint problems. It is also often easier to talk if the partner is not there for a while.

Does couples therapy feels like an obligation?

It is better if you both stand behind it and don’t feel obligated to do it just because one of you want to go to a relationship therapist. If the willingness to change is zero there is no point of going. So first discuss with your partner in a calm way if this can be a good idea or not. If you are unable to find a solution to your problems couples therapy is a great way to solve it.

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