Couture Fashions Brought Right to Your Door Through Aget Concept


For some, couture clothing can only be seen in the pages of magazines but Aget Concept brings couture fashions right to your front door. Aget Concept is a seamless online boutique that features top quality designers who cater to couture ready-to-wear and eveningwear clothing. Aget Concept is a unique platform that discovers and highlights couture designers that have a sense of exclusivity and rareness attached to their brand. Designers featured on their site are Antonia Marras, ISOLDA, idonthaveasister, Rahul Mishra, Tata Naka, I’m Isola Marras and Tonya Hawkes. These exclusive couture brands hail from all over the globe and you can wear their fashions with just a click of a button.

An Aget Concept designer that has very modern and contemporary ready-to-wear pieces is Antonio Marras. Marras hails from Alghero Sardina where his family taught him about different materials and styles. In his latter years, he would travel, live, and work in cities like Rome and Milan, where he learned about fine tailoring and structuring of garments. Antonio’s more romantic and modern line, I’m Isola Marras, is also featured on the Aget Concept website. The I’m Isola Marras collection features more bold prints and colors that would be perfect for a beach or resort setting.

One of the contemporary separates that Aget Concept features from the Antonio Marras Collection that would be a couture lover’s dream, is the ready-to-wear Gonna Skirt. This skirt is “gonna” be your favorite piece of clothing in your closet. The military green skirt was made in Italy with 100% cotton. The black colored double stripes going down the middle and outlining the pockets makes this skirt not only fashionable but functional. The double outline is also featured on the back middle of the skirt, accompanied with a zipper. This skirt is a must-have for the fall and winter season. It’s darker color and black outlined accents makes this dress fit into the color scheme that is usually associated with the cooler winter months. Read the tips featured below of the best ways to wear the Gonna Skirt this fall.

Dress it Up

Dress the Gonna Skirt up by pairing it with a black sheer or satin top. Since the skirt has a black accent color, a black sheer or satin top will be the perfect compliment. Satin and sheer fabrics can make an outfit more elegant, due to the sophistication of the material. To complete your look wear a minimalist inspired piece of jewelry and either open toe high heels or closed toe leather pumps/booties.

Dress it Down

Dress down the Gonna Skirt by incorporating a dark colored cotton top into your look. To spice up your outfit and bring a little edge pair the Gonna skirt with a dark colored graphic t-shirt. This will significantly dress down the skirt and make it more casual. Pair them with a Van or Ked type of tennis shoe to further implement the casual wear aesthetic.

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