Cozy Ways To Update Your Bedding This Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside! For many folks, this is about to become a reality. Prepare yourself with these cozy ways to update your bedding this winter.

Winter is coming. Maybe you’re the person who gets excited over the chilly weather and the thought of white snow blanketing the ground. Or maybe you dream of white sandy beaches and warmth all winter long. Either way, if you live in an area where winter makes an appearance, it’s time to start thinking of how to stay warm. How about starting in the bedroom? These are a few cozy ways to update your bedding this winter.

Add Layers for Warmth

Is there anything better than snuggling into warm, cozy blankets when the temperatures plummet outside? Maybe if you add a hot cup of cocoa with the snuggling, but that’s about it. In addition to your regular bedding, layer your bed with additional blankets for those chilly days and nights. A chunky knit is excellent because it’s soft and luxurious-looking. It may tempt you to stay in bed for the rest of the season—or at least linger a bit longer.

Swap Your Sheets

It’s the perfect time to switch out your cotton sheets for something heavier. Flannel is great for this time of year because it’s snuggly and keeps you extra comfortable. Linen sheets are another great option. They’ll keep you warm, but they’re also light and airy. Linen is especially great for couples who need different temperatures to sleep.

Piles of Pillows

Another cozy way to update your bedding this winteris to pile on the pillows. More is more when it comes to the number of pillows during the colder months. Euro pillows are an excellent option to substitute for regular pillows. They provide the bed a designer feel and make lounging extra comfy-cozy.

Add seasonal throw pillows to incorporate the different winter holidays while adding a level of comfort and warmth to your bedroom. 

Soften the Floor

Don’t forget about your feet during the winter, especially if you have hardwood floors. Add a plush throw rug to your bedroom to create a soft landing for your feet in the morning. The warm, fuzzy texture will add a level of coziness to your room—and maybe make it easier to get up on those chilly mornings.

These are also great swaps to transform your bedroom during other seasons. It’s easy to grow accustomed to your style, but it becomes stale after a while.

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