Create a flat tummy with shapewear


Does everything you eat spontaneously stick to your stomach? Or are you not a fan of fanatical sports? A tummy is lurking, or if you have an apple figure then you already have a tummy.

The feeling of a big belly can be different for everyone. It also depends on the period of the month and other circumstances. If you would like to have a flat stomach and reduce your belly fat, a healthy diet is of course a first step. But that won’t help you if you have to go to a party in a few days for which you want to look beautiful and slim. Then camouflaging your tummy is a better plan. There are several ways to camouflage a tummy. Below we give you the best clothing tips and ideas for corrective underwear that help with a flat stomach.

1. Shapewear

Of course shapewear or corrective underwear will help you keep your tummy in check. You can read below which corrective underwear you can best buy for a flat stomach.

2. Wide shirts

Hide your belly under a loose-fitting shirt or top. Fabrics such as lycra or stretch accentuate your love handles, which are better left out. Choose quiet prints and or vertical stripes. so that your silhouette is beautifully emphasized. A shaping camisole under your top will also help keep your tummy in check.

3. Tunics or shapewear dresses

Your belly is not visible in wide tunics or boho dresses. A corrective body underneath also works wonders. Or wear a dress with built in shapewear.

4. Waist belt

Accentuate your figure with a belt at hip height, which breaks things up so that your tummy is less obvious.

5. Go high waisted

Wear high-waisted pants. This keeps your stomach under control, especially if you wear a corrective slip underneath.

Shapewear gives you something extra

Want to make your stomach look flatter? Corrective underwear and beautiful Shapewear give you that little bit extra in your beautiful dress or trousers. There is a lot of choice in shapewear to flatten your stomach. What should you choose for a flat stomach? Below you can read the possibilities.

Corrective Body for a Flat Stomach or Tummy

Most corrective bodies ensure a flat stomach and take your stomach with it right away. Many bodies have a hook-and-eye closure at the bottom, which makes visiting the toilet easier. You can choose from a deep v neck bodysuit to a firm corrective body. Nowadays, shapewear bodies are also available in beautiful colors.

Shapewear Undershirt & Shapewear Slip

If you think a shapewear body is too much of a hassle, you can opt for a corrective camisole in combination with a shapewear brief. Its ease of use is many times higher and you can also wear it daily.

Shapewear dress similar to corrective body

A corrective dress is also an option and has the same effect as a shapewear body. Or how about corrective leggings? Especially if you wear a lot of dresses or tunics, in combination with tights or leggings, this is a godsend.

Corrective slip from high too low to thong

Shapewear briefs come in many shapes and sizes, from shapewear thongs that mainly correct your tummy, to a short sleeve thong bodysuit that correct your tummy and stomach, to shapewear bottoms with legs that also smooth out your legs.

shapewear body

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