Create a luxurious wedding with the right bridesmaid dresses

Congratulations! You are engaged! Of course you also want bridesmaids or groomsmen for your wedding. In this blog I give several tips about the bridesmaids at your wedding.

How do you make your bridesmaids or flower girl feel like a princess on the day of the wedding? The attention at a wedding is mainly focused on the bride in terms of clothing, but what about the bridesmaids. The current range of Alfabridal bridesmaid dresses is often very diverse.

Distinguish your wedding with new trends and exclusive bridesmaid dresses. Recognized by its soft colors, handmade details and the use of luxurious fabrics such as burgundy velvet bridesmaid dresses. This fabric is perfect for bridesmaids especially if you want to create a luxurious feel!

Dress the same style

First things first; bridesmaids  help the trail and scatter the flowers. Just like in a romantic movie! In addition, they are often dressed in the same style as the bride and groom. In most cases, everyone thinks of the nieces and nephews or other family members of it but it could also be good friends.

Duties of bridesmaids

You decide for yourself what the duties of your little helpers are. Here you can think of sprinkling the flowers, bringing the rings, throwing rice and wearing the train. Since they are children, it is important to keep tasks organized and to plan well. With a wedding planner all this is much easier, because they have an overview and know exactly what, when, where and how!

The outfits

Personally, I think this is one of the most important aspects of bridesmaids and groomsmen: the outfits! You can make different choices in this. For example, let the outfits of the bridesmaid match with your wedding dress. Or go for something special like velvet fabric. This gives a luxurious feel to the wedding. There is a chance that your bridesmaids will not want to wear the same dress you can solve this by choosing variations of the same model. Or you can do different colors.

Make this day easier with a good planner

Do you think there is a lot to be arranged? There is a wedding planner for that. You can enjoy the wedding day. During the wedding you actually want to have as little as possible on your mind and as much possibly enjoy. A wedding planner is the solution! The wedding planner takes care of it not only for the bridesmaids to come into their own perfectly, also all others aspects are arranged flawlessly. The wedding planner can help you with all your ideas to realize, while thinking of all facets that make your day one of the most beautiful days of your life!

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