Creative Wedding Invitations for Every Celebration

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When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the first fun decisions you will need to make is choosing the style of invitation you want. You can simplify the whole invite process by sending email invitations. If not, what’s great about invitation nowadays is that you can choose one that suits your personality perfectly. Wedding invitations set the tone, so it is important to also pick one that reflects your wedding theme too.

Destination Wedding Invitation Ideas

Are you jetting off to a fun, faraway destination for your wedding? Then why not incorporate this into your wedding invitation theme? A great way to five a nod to your wedding destination is to add some cool graphics to the envelope liner. This can be in the form of palm trees, sunshine and a whole lot more. Really, the possibilities are endless! Other fun wedding invitation ideas for when you are jetting off abroad is to provide the invite as passport save-the-dates. You can label it as their personal ‘wedding passport’ and also fill it with attractions, restaurants and recommended activities for the destination you are travelling too.

Include a Nod to Your Proposal

A lovely way to personalise your wedding invitations is by having something related to your proposal on them. For this, you could include a picture of your engagement or maybe even an illustration of the destination where your proposal took place.

Include a Love Timeline

As part of your wedding invitation, you can also include a love timeline! This idea is really popular and allows your guests a glimpse into all of the most important dates in your relationship such as your first date, first kiss and the story of your proposal. This adds a lovely personalised touch which your guests will absolutely love.

Play Around with the Style

You may not have previously been aware of the world of wedding invitations, but there really are so many different styles to choose from! While you may have just assumed that you would be going with a flat wedding invitation, have you thought about maybe trying out some other styles such as a pocket wedding invitation or folded wedding invitations? These are some cool ideas for wedding invites that you might not have thought about before.

Some people however, may want to stick to a more classic, traditional wedding invitation style, but may just be struggling to put their own personal touch into the invitations. Browsing online at a range of ideas might help you get the idea you need – these wedding invitations from Bride and Groom Direct, for example, could really inspire some cute ideas, as they normally stick to quite classic styles, with added quicks such as bows. Just a few other different styles you can think about are overlap folds, side gatefolds, z fold, top pocket and star pocket.

Incorporate Your Wedding Theme

No matter whether you are having a traditional style wedding or something a little bit more modern, you can find wedding invitations to suit your theme perfectly. Some of the gorgeous styles that you will encounter include traditional, contemporary, vintage, beach, flower, rustic, hearts and butterflies. Go with the one that best suits your overall wedding theme to give the guests a good idea of what they can expect.

Hopefully, these wedding invitation ideas have provided you with some great inspiration and you can incorporate them into the wedding invites for your big day!


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    Wow! These ideas are all awesome! I especially love the idea of a love timeline, so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Reply February 13, 2019


    A love timeline is such a cute idea!!! Definitely can give the guests a better look at the important dates leading up to the special day!

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