Cure wedding anxiety with Plant medicine

wedding anxiety, plant medicine

No matter how far we tread into the modernistic world, we cannot escape who we are: a part of nature. Natural foods and medicines are the biggest gift that Mother Earth had provided us when we suffer from wedding anxiety. We can and must utilize these gifts so as to live a healthy life: physically, spiritually and psychologically. Despite the heaps of advances that have been made in the field of technology in the recent decades. We seem to be no closer to inner peace than the time we first started. It now dawns upon the world that we had it all wrong: our happiness lies in being what we truly are. A component of the natural world.

Herbal medicines are not a relic from the past, they are quite popularly in use even to this day. According to an estimate made in the year 2000, $17 billion were spent on natural remedies in the US. Similar trends have also been seen in other countries as well. So, we have established that the concept of plant-based medicines is still popular. This also leads to having a greater degree of confidence in these products. Here are top 5 benefits of plant based products against anxiety:

Nerve soothing activity of Lavender for wedding anxiety

Lavender is notable for its capacity to bring sentiments of harmony and unwinding. It loosens up the sensory system, promotes rest and calms pressure. It also assists in decreasing anxiety and can even assist in allowing one to oversee pain.

wedding anxiety, plant medicine

Figure 1: Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Uplifting and calming attributes of Bergamot

Bergamot is perfect to help with anxious and tragic sentiments. It promotes feelings of delight, freshness and vitality by improving the flow of your blood. It can also likewise help with pressure induced loss of hunger. Work-related pressure, wedding pressure, anxiety among individuals with depression and even relieve one from discomfort.

Sedation through Roman Chamomile

Essential oils of Roman chamomile possess mild sedative and relaxation properties makes it ideal for calming nerves and reducing anxiety. It is also gentle enough to use on children for anxiety. It is helpful in reducing worry and over thinking.

Antidepressing properties of Clary sage

Clary sage has antidepressant properties. It boosts confidence and mental strength, all the while clearing out feelings of anxiety and failure. It also has euphoric properties, putting you in a state of joy and ease.

Relaxing effect of plant medicine Frankincense

Frankincense can be diffused in a room to induce feelings of peace and relaxation. It is well known for its anti-depressant, sedative properties. It also promotes focus, minimizes distractions alongside easing irritability, impatience and restlessness.

If you’re suffering from wedding anxiety then know that you are not alone, try out one of these therapies. And do let us know how much they helped you.

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