Cutting down on Wedding Costs — and Not Just the Financial Ones

wedding costs

Weddings costs, that’s just what they do. And yes, you probably already know that they cost a lot of money to plan even without having experienced planning one. But they are costlier still and cost a lot more than you probably think they do. Read on to find out about some of these costs, as well as how to cut down on them.

wedding costs

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The ring need not come at environmental or human cost

You may have never thought about this, but more often than not engagement and wedding rings come at a big cost. More often than not luxury rings and other high quality jewellery are wrought through conflict. More often than not, the creation of a luxury ring comes at a cost to either the environment or, even worse, a human. And if you want to cut down on such a harrowing and quite frankly unnecessary cost, then simply opt for a ring that is beyond conflict. A supplier of such jewellery are Brilliant Earth, who are a global leader in jewellery that is both fine and ethical. By doing so, you can cut down on the cost your wedding has on the wider world.

The wedding need not come at a cost for your guests

When you are planning a wedding, despite how easy it is to do, you must refrain from being 100% selfish. Yes, it is your special day. And yes, it is one of the only days you’ll get in your life that is completely about you. But this does not give you the right to forget about your guests and what the day demands of them. Specifically, this does not mean you have the right to let the wedding become costly for your guests. So, as tempting as it is to travel halfway across the world to wed in the most beautiful of places abroad, please try to take your guests into consideration when making your plans. Your guests, especially those obliged to go, will have to spend on their travel and may even have to find cover for their commitments back home.

Cut down on financial costs

Of course, a discussion about cutting down on wedding costs would not be complete without advice on how to cut down on the financial ones. And, do not fear, because there are many ways to do this without compromising the elegance of the day. To do so, first and foremost you have to be both very conscientious of your spend and willing to keep a tight track of what you spend. What you should also do is pinpoint areas where costs can be cut easily. One example of this is cutting your cake, throwing your bouquet and having the wedding photos taken early in the night so that you can send your photographer home early (if they are being paid hourly, of course) and not have to pay them any more than you need to.

Another tip is instead of using traditional wedding invites, you can use an elegant email invitation service. Weddings need not come at a cost for those who are not obliged to pay for them. And they need not come at a cost you need not pay either. Make sure to remember these points when the time to plan your wedding arises.

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  • In my opinion, you should do such a wedding party you can afford. Do not stretch the loan, because at the beginning of your common way there are many expenses, and credit is an extra unnecessary burden.
    Do not cost your guests, invite those you really want to see at your wedding. I guarantee that the guest list will decrease by at least 30%.
    Look for savings in the salaries of photographers, limousine drivers, etc.

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