Date Night Ideas For Couples On Lockdown

date night ideas

If you have a feeling like your relationship is getting cold, know it’s time to spice things up. You and your spouse deserve some quality time together to break the ice with some date night ideas.

With the global pandemic, dating feels almost impossible. In 2021, people have become very innovative when it comes to date night ideas. However, there are numerous ways that both of you can rekindle the dwindling relationship. Whether you are a new couple, newlyweds, or recently engaged, you can have a romantic indoor date.

Here is a compiled list of ideas you can try from home!

Movie Night (Blanket Fort)

That is to spice up the regular movie night. Once in a while, you can create a blanket fort in your home for an extra memorable experience.

It could be decorated with pillows and fancy lights or however you and your partner want it and get comfy with it.

date night ideas

DIY Cocktail Making

It is good to stay cheerful during such times; therefore, coming up with cocktail recipes together would be a fun way to spend the night.

The drinks could come in handy when watching a good comedy night and in a dark room with a side plate of popcorns.

Treasure Hunts

Some active games are fun, such as treasure hunts. You can put your partner to the test by planning a treasure hunt in your house.

To make it more fun, put an actual gift at a corner of the house, such as a ring, then pop the question to her as a surprise.

Painting Portraits Or Drawing One Another

You can draw pictures of each other or paint depending on the tools you have, then reveal your artwork to your muse once you are done.

Play Games

Games like Never Have I Ever or Truth or Dare are an excellent choice to help couples dig deep or know each other better.

Date night ideas Conclusion

There are a lot of activities that you and your partner can do for a date just indoors. You can never go wrong with ideas like playing games, painting, treasure hunts, movie nights, and DIY cocktail making.

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