Dating tips for cougars that actually work


Are you a mature woman over 50 and do you like to date younger men? For older women, it can be interesting to find a younger man, for example on a dating site. These days we see more and more attractive, self-assured mature women hooking up a much younger man. Younger man may have less life experience but more energy and zest for life. This can work as a magnet for older women. If you are interested to find out more about this, read the tips below for dating a younger man.

Try to be more spontaneous

Younger men from are usually more spontaneous and impulsive in life. Maybe he suddenly wants to take you on a nice trip? Without being fully prepared. Maybe this is something you have to get used to. But it can be fun as well! Enjoy the ride.

Find your date at the right place

Younger men don’t hang out in the same places as men your own age. So join the trendy clubs and lounges in your town. If you find it hard to find someone in your city try a dating website like My Cougar Dates.

Less experience

Older men and women have more baggage such as divorces, ex-partners, and children and so on. Therefore do not expect a younger man to behave in the same way as the men you would normally go out with. The difference between young and old is simply there and you will eventually have to take this into account.


Although it is becoming more common nowadays that an older woman has a relationship with a young man. Don’t expect his family to welcome you immediately with open arms. Your own children might have to get used to the idea as well. But luckily there are good examples of relationships between a “cougar” and a younger man. A lot of A-list celebrities included so don’t worry too much.

Let him take charge sometimes

You may have a tendency to be in control, but most men don’t like that very much. So let him occasionally be the dominant one even if it’s just for one night stands. Maybe you are not interested in a relationship at all and you enjoy something casual. Feel free to do so!

You can teach him something new

Many men have the idea that older woman can teach them something sexually. Most young men don’t know much about the female body, compared to older men. So don’t be afraid to teach him things, especially when it comes to sex. As a result, with you, he will experience things that he never thought possible before.

What to wear and what not to wear

Pick out elegant and sexy clothes but make sure it fits with your age. It doesn’t make sense to wear clothes that are actually more suitable for younger girls. As a result, you might even look like older cougars because of your outfit selection. If you find it hard to choose the right outfit for a first date go for an elegant black dress with some fine jewelry. You can never go wrong in black!

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