December Wedding Essentials

winter wedding

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As if weddings weren’t demanding enough as it is, winter can give them an added level of planning, since the cold weather, often followed by rainfall and snow makes it a tad more intricate for the future husband and wife to coordinate. Now, the most special day of your life deserves to be magical no matter the season or the circumstances, so let’s master the art of winter wedding planning to make things as simple and stunning as possible!

Cozy up your attire

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If you think that only summer dresses can be easy to wear and beautifully designed, you couldn’t be further from the truth – because winter dresses, white, ivory or any shade you’d prefer, can be as mesmerizing as any Disney princess dress of your dreams. A faux-fur capelet around your shoulders, for instance, will not only keep you warm during the ceremony and the reception, but it will also add another touch of elevated elegance.

A high neckline, an extra layer of tulle or lace, and a handsome coal black tux for the groom might be all you need to make your wedding toasty and sophisticated with little effort.

Festive themes

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If you are stuck, so to speak, with a December reception, then why not make the most of it with all the holiday spirit in the air? Emerald green paired with crimson red and crisp white make for an idyllic design marvel for any winter wedding! Think: hanging lanterns, silver fairy lights, and seasonal flowers and greenery such as eucalyptus, pinecones, pine boughs, berries and the classic red rose will give it a lovely fairytale feel.

Your wedding ensemble can reflect the theme with the choice of your bouquet flowers and your hairpiece, as well as your makeup. Golden details also work well with a white and red background, and the three hues can create a romantic, cozy atmosphere for all of your guests to enjoy.

Elope from the winter frost

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If the snow and the cold is too much for you to truly enjoy your special day, then you can easily celebrate the occasion in a different setting, where summer rules while the rest of the world is covered with snow. Australia is the go-to destination for many a bride and groom, since its warm climate and breathtaking scenery offer an ideal atmosphere for an exotic December wedding!

A perfect location for a rustic-inspired wedding can be the stunning Oatlands house in Sydney, where the backdrop of vineyards and lavish greenery provides an idyllic choice. Sun-clad, exquisite in terms of its historic architecture, and with a menu rich in local wines and delicacies, this is as summery as a wedding can get amidst the December chill.

Delicious wintery treats

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For those of you who are firmly set in their winter background, then you can add another note of warmth with the help of the right menu. Greet your friends and family with a hot beverage, such as mulled cider, steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate for those who have a sweet tooth. The main courses and your entrees should rely heavily on rich, hearty dishes, such as the classic roast and potatoes, while bite-sized mac and cheese or hot canapés, just to make sure everyone is having a jolly good time.

For dessert, make it as lush and sumptuous as your main course, so consider chocolate lava cakes, soufflés and hot chocolate, or a self-serving dessert bar with several mouth-watering choices that will keep your guests toasty and full.

The details to consider

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Unlike a summer ceremony, a winter wedding requires a few more considerations. For example, although you don’t need to worry about your makeup melting away, your skin will be exposed to cold, wind and possibly snow – give it ample moisture in the days prior to the wedding, and use light-reflective makeup that will neutralize the blue tones of winter lighting.

As for your photographer, make sure that you look for someone who can do wonders both with indoor and outdoor shots, and no matter the potentially gloomy lighting, the fog or the snow. That way, you’ll ensure plenty of candid shots throughout the day without worrying about the winter blues affecting your special day mood!


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