Dermapen at home: improve your skin condition and astonish everyone!

A wedding is coming up, and you worry about your appearance? Uneven skin texture won’t look nice on the commemorative videos, that’s for sure. So will nasty acne scars. Especially with 4K resolution… But there is a way to deal with such matters and don’t get broke at the same time. Let’s talk about how to use dermapen at home and surprise everyone with your rejuvenated beauty.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen

Dr Pen UK professional microneedle devices for home treatments provides a way to stimulate your own skin cells and put them to work. That’s right. No expensive cosmetic products. No lasers. Just a pen. A pen that is equipped not with ink, but tiny needles. It is a device similar to a derma roller, but much more effective. That’s because a professional microneedling machine has regulated speed levels and up to 15000 RPM. As a result, needles penetrate skin surface as much as it is necessary to boost collagen production alongside hyaluronic acid, which are purely natural chemicals available inside your own body.

Thanks to microneedling at home, many skin concerns can be reduced to a minimum or even completely tossed out of the picture, so to speak. The Dr Pen Auto Microneedle System uses new collagen to equalize skin tone, neutralize age spots etc. And yes, it can help with scar tissue as well. Want to know more, don’t you?

Problematic skin damage

Acne scarring is a problem for many of us. So are stretch marks and deep wrinkles that can take away someone’s youthful charm. Do-it-at-home microneedling tools, however, have the ability to perform deeper treatments. In practical terms, that gives us an opportunity to fight back even the worst skin conditions. The needle depth can be regulated, you see, just as other settings of the tool. More active ingredients can be released this way, and that means more intense results.

Be advised, though. Too much microneedling in a relatively short time can lead to overproduction of collagen. More physical discomfort might also occur. Facial redness that lasts longer than usually and pain, obviously. But it’s nothing an ordinary numbing cream won’t handle. Nevertheless, caution is recommended while using more invasive settings of a dermapen procedure at home. Especially when sensitive skin is involved in the process. Dr Pen UK professional microneedle device is a professional product, often used by dermatologists. If it is treated accordingly, it will render results that will make other girls jealous, even the bride herself. And that’s a fact that can be investigated on the Dr Pen official website. Feel free to check it out.

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