Diet to Help Clear Acne Before Your Wedding Day

clear acne

I know… your big day is right around the corner but you still haven’t dealt with the acne that’s determined to ruin things for you.

Is there a diet to clear acne before your wedding day rather than waste so much time looking for free makeup to try to hide the acne?

This could be one question you may seek answers for and this is the right article to read.

First though, do you even know that there is a relationship between acne and what you eat?

The truth is that when discussing diet to clear acne, what would be most important is what to eat and what to avoid that can prevent the body from being ravaged by acne.

Here are more discussions on the diet to help reduce or even completely clear acne on your skin before your big day.

Yes, you can do some of them yourself, for sure, from the comfort of your home.

First, let’s take a closer look at what acne really is.

It’s the very dreaded condition that results in the inflammation of the skin. The signs and symptoms make the top of the skin affected with papules, pustules, whiteheads, blackheads, nodules, or cysts.

Yes, there’s a lot more to it than just the good old “ache”.

Blackheads and whiteheads are categorized under the mild inflammation while pustules, papules, nodules and cysts are categorized as severe inflammation.

It can be said that acne on the skin occurs when the pores of the skin are blocked with excess sebum (skin lubricant) mixed with dead skin cells. Bacteria may then erupt from the clogged pores and cause inflammations.

At the onset, excess sebum production occurs as a result of hormonal activities in the body that result in expansion of the glands of the skin that produces sebum.

So, clogging of the skin pores by excess sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria is the major cause of skin acne.

Factors that may lead to acne include: weight gain, pregnancy, menstruation, stress, adolescence, cosmetics, genetics, medications, environment as well as diet.

As for weight gain, it’s still a problem even if you are getting paid for it.

As for stress, as you can see, it’s part of the problem. And it’s not unusual to feel so stressed before one’s wedding. Which means you are definitely not alone here.

Thankfully there are true solutions that can help you reduce acne before your wedding day.

While these may not be the cause of acne in many people, yet many are allergic to one or more of these factors.

Diet to help clear your acne – What to avoid and what to Eat

If you are prone to having eruption of acne as result of the food you take, then you need to avoid such foods.

Duh, right?

Unfortunately many people don’t even know that. And for those who may have heard that, they just find it hard to believe.

They find it hard to believe for various reasons, but mostly because they don’t want to face the harsh truth.

You see, some foods that are likely to increase the eruption of acne on the body include: fried foods, sugary foods, salty foods, processed fats, and chemical additives.

Hence, foods like butter, ice cream, canned foods, cereals, soft drinks, sweets, chocolates, jams, cakes, pasta, bread, red meats, etc, should be avoided if you want to get rid of as much acne as you can before your wedding.

Alternatively, you should go for the following food groups to help your chances of having as clear and acne-free skin as possible: organic foods, fiber-rich foods, fresh seeds, essential fats, colorful fruit and vegetables, and of course a lot of water.

Yes, green foods, lentils, beans, soya, organic yogurt, garlic, peas, vitamins, and minerals are a whole lot of foods you should go for, if you want to encourage smooth or acne free skin before your wedding day.

Here are some more beauty checklist to help you before your big day.

As you can see, when it comes to diet to clear acne, taking the right foods that prevent the excess production of sebum or the clogging of the skin pores is very important.

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