Differences between Homecoming and Prom at School You Should Know


When it comes to the differences between homecoming and prom, what’s your first impression? Can you wear a homecoming dress to prom? Many people may think they are very similar or even the same thing. Actually there are many obvious differences between the two big events at school.


What is homecoming?

Homecoming is a week-long event organized by high school, colleges or universities in September or October, as a kind of welcome back to school. Unlike prom, homecoming is open to everyone including underclassmen and school alumni. For the community the big homecoming game or parade is the main event while most students live for the homecoming dance.


Homecoming is normally considered as a semi-formal event which means homecoming dresses are a little less formal and shorter than formal evening gowns. And flat shoes or low heel ones are okay for homecoming. Boys usually prefer to wear jackets and ties. It can vary a bit between schools but under normal conditions, homecoming is much more relaxed than prom.

What is prom?

Prom is perhaps the most important event in high school which is normally held in the beginning of spring and the end of the school year. So April to June is generally known as “Prom Season”.


Prom is formal and a more expensive event compared to homecoming. Girls usually wear long formal dresses and long evening gowns in floor length and high heels while boys are required to wear either suits or tuxedos. Students, especially the girls usually prepare for the event many months in advance because prom is often the highlight of a girl’s school life.

Homecoming VS Prom – Main differences

·Homecoming is casual and semi-formal while prom is formal.

·Homecoming is in September or October while prom is in April to June.

·Homecoming dresses are shorter and more casual while prom dresses are usually floor length gowns.

·Homecoming is open to all high school students, underclassmen, school alumni and seniors while prom is only to seniors and sometimes juniors.

·Prom is more expensive than homecoming due to the nature of the event.

How to choose a dress for Homecoming or Prom?

According to the difference between homecoming and prom, you can’t wear a homecoming dress to prom.

Homecoming Dresses

For a homecoming dress, since the temperature is often very hot just on the heels of summer, so comfort is taken into account. Go for a short party dress is a smart choice. Casual dresses for juniors are also great if your school’s dress code is comfortable and casual.


Prom Dresses

When choosing a prom dress, you have to know that trends change with every season. If you want to know 2019 prom dress trends, or wondering which prom dress style comes out on top, there are no specific answers, but the classic styles are timeless.

Floor length hemlines and solid colors are timeless elements, simple prom dresses always give an elegant air with modest details. You also need to think about how you want your prom dress to fit. If you plan to dance a lot, go for an A-line prom dress or a dress with high silt that gives your legs enough room for movement. If not, try a mermaid prom dress or a long sheath dress that fits the form from neckline to herm. The best prom dress depends on the person who wearing it, everyone is different while prom dress styles are various, please feel free and fun to create 2019 prom dress trends.

For color, it’s all about what image or mood you want to show in the prom, because different colors tell people what your personality is. Remember to choose a dress in a color that complements you and make you feel good and look flattering in. For example, if you are a blond, red, blue, pastels and blod colors are your first choice which make you look gorgeous. If your hair is red, then a prom dress in shades of green, blue and purple perfect you. Girls with dark hair can wear almost any color. It also depends on your figure, skin color, eye color and face shape. Some people might get washed out by a vibrant color such as orange, while someone else might glow. So make sure to have a try first.

For fabrics, lace is absolutely a safe choice when it comes to 2019 girl prom dresses. This soft and feminine fabric withstood the test of time, and this season’s lace prom dresses blend materials and design components for a truly exciting fashion statement. If you want something shimmy and sparkling, go for a sequin prom dress! These glimmering details are sure to make a daring look and decrease the need of accessories.


Prom is by far more important for girls than boys and most girls put an excessive amount of effort into prom preparations. Many formal prom dresses require alterations for a perfect fit, so please plan to choose your prom dress around four to six weeks before your prom. No inspirations? You can always find a casual dress for juniors or cheap prom dresses at Ever-Pretty! Hundreds of dresses and gowns all under $100!

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