Digital mock up designs for your wedding day

mock ups

Every wedding is different, some just a bit more fun than others. To stand out and surprise your guests, you will find great ideas to get you started in this article. When you get married you want guests to never forget your wedding day. Most couples do everything to make it a special and unique day. Your wedding is a major investment so make sure it’s a day to remember. By adding a playful touch to your wedding, you create a fun atmosphere. A wedding doesn’t need to be that traditional anymore; adding a personal touch is appreciated and makes it more interesting.

Save money and time using mock ups

If you wonder how to make a personal touch without breaking the bank? The secret is to use mock up designs for your wedding. Wedding-themed mock up designs (usually in Photoshop) cannot only be used to demonstrate websites, apps or other software. Mock ups can also be downloaded to present a logo or image on a coffee cup, on a bag, t-shirt, wedding invitations, wedding programs, napkins, and placemats. You do not have to make a mock up yourself, there are mock ups available ready-made on Design Bundles. You can easily purchase the beautiful mock ups online. You will save a lot of money and time using readymade digital mock ups and at the same time giving a personal touch to your wedding day!

When you make a design you want to present it as nicely and clearly as possible to your guests. You open the mockup file from Design Bundles in, for example, Photoshop and add your design to a special layer. You immediately see the result like a placemat with your logo on it and it’s very realistic.

mock ups

Printed candy wrappers

Make sure you have enough food, drinks, and snacks during your wedding. Especially when a lot of guests travel from far, make sure you have coffee and tea with some goodies. Candy in general works very well at a wedding. For kids and adults! Printed candies are a very festive idea to add to your wedding. Believe me, people will attack your candy bars especially if they look unique and have a lovely personalized mock up design!

mock ups

Wedding favors

The evening is coming to an end and it’s time for everyone to leave Nothing is more fun than closing the evening in a special way and leaving the party at its peak. Mock ups can be used for wedding favors. Imagine your guests leaving with creative and fun wedding favors that will make your guests happy! Original wedding favors bring this day to a perfect end and also ensure that the guests can go home with something unique. For example mugs or a bag with your personalized mock up design. Most important: choose something original, and surprise the guests with something they don’t expect at all.

One thing is certain, your wedding is anything but boring and will have happy, smiling guests!

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