Digital Wedding Planning

digital wedding planning

We’ve all been to a wedding and probably understand how much planning it probably took.  When it’s your big day, it’s not just one day.  For some people, it’s weeks, months and even years of extensive planning and preparation.  It’s supposed to be complicated, right?  Well, weddings by nature are stressful, so why not try to make the planning process painless, and dare we even say fun and exciting?  You can make your wedding memories happy instead of dramatic events of stress.  We formally invite you to check out Hitchplanner, where wedding planning has been simplified to fit the modern brides and grooms. 

One of the key features of Hitchplanner is its Collaborator feature.  Who says the bride has to do all of the work?  Your bridesmaids are a part of your wedding for a reason – they love you and care about you.  So why not ask them to help plan and manage your wedding?  Most would probably love to chip in one way or another (perhaps they have had weddings of their own and know how excruciatingly painful it can be to do it all on your own). 

Another key feature of Hitchplanner  is being able to build your own wedding website.  This is a fantastic way to manage your guest list and has a user-friendly RSVP function.  On your website, you can send your invites to several different platforms such as Facebook messenger, the Whatsapp, and text messaging.  The best thing is that your guests do not have to go through the hassle of creating an account to accept the invite (they can respond on behalf of other family members and their “plus one”).  This can replace annoying spreadsheets and keep all of your information in a secure, manageable website. 

Part of wedding planning includes keeping track of your catering menu.  Your invitation could include if your guests have dietary restrictions and your dashboard can help you keep track of how many specialty meals you may need. 

Another “fun” part of wedding planning? Deciding who is going to sit where, also known as the infamous seating chart.  Your website features a user-friendly seating chart function that allows you to arrange a layout that will hopefully please even the pickiest guests!  You can even send them an email letting them know ahead of time where they will be sitting.  Have more guests reply than you thought?  You can go in at any time and rearrange the seating and add tables as needed. All with the click of a button (heck you can even have one of your Collaborators help with this part).

You can manage your wedding even on your wedding day.  Guests can utilize the check-in feature so you can keep track of which guests have arrived.  Again, you assign a Collaborator with this function so you can concentrate on looking your finest!  This feature helps manage and coordinate any last-minute changes such as surprise guests. If they are unsure where they are supposed to sit then you can look them up and have them seated.  Wedding days can often be a frenzy so who wouldn’t want a bit of extra help to make things go smoothly for everyone! You can sign up to Hitchplanner now for a subscription-free account for a limited period of time!

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