DIY: design your own wedding cake

No one will be surprised if you make things yourself for the wedding: you can design your own wedding cake for example. Many people decide to take on some tasks themselves to save money! You can design your own wedding invitations and don’t turn your back on the coolest DIY wedding decorations you’ve found on Pinterest! You can even make your bridal bouquet yourself! But we don’t often dare to make the wedding cake ourselves. While that is really doable with some help and practice!

Why should you design your own wedding cake?

The question is rather: why not? In the first place, it is already much cheaper than when you order a cake at the bakery. And if you opt for a special design, the costs are usually even higher. In addition, you probably have a very good idea of ​​what kind of wedding cake you would like to have. No matter how many instructions you give the baker, only when you make your own cake can you be sure that everything will be to your liking! And, of course, it’s also really nice when everyone marvels at the beautiful cake you baked yourself on your wedding day – you can be really proud of this!

design your own wedding cake

Practice makes perfect

Good thing: making cakes is only a natural talent for few. Most of us will just have to practice hard before we deliver a birthday-worthy cake. Practicing for making your perfect wedding cake is of course also not wrong, you can enjoy the half successful baking.

No matter if you want to design the theme of your wedding, DIY your bouquet or design your own wedding cake. It is easier than you think with some help! Fortunately, YouTube is our savior in mastering the fine art of baking and decorating wedding cakes.

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