Do You Know How Ethical Diamonds Are Sourced?


Are you planning to propose to your girlfriend? Do you have plans of getting her an ethical diamond ring? Knowing that there are plenty of rings to choose from, how can you be completely sure that the diamond ring you choose is conflict-free?

If you want to, you need to start by learning the facts and asking all the right questions.


Start by Knowing Your Stones

Back in 2002, the UN began a system to end the practice of diamond trading for unethical means. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme details all the requirements and regulations countries have to follow to ensure a fully certified diamond is both mined and even shipped in a legitimate and humane manner. Diamonds that meet all these regulations are then shipped with the Kimberley Process certificate. When you purchase the diamond engagement ring, the jeweller will provide the certificate. If they are not able to, you ought to be wary of the origin of the stone.


Checking for Certification

A well-established and reputable jeweller will be able to tell you all about a diamond’s history and will also be able to guarantee that it is conflict free. You’re always able to ask the jewellery for the diamond’s System of Warranties statement if you’re unsure. It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with what the certificates look like before you start shopping.


Be a Smart Shopper

It is always a wise choice to shop at a reputable retailer that specialises in conflict-free jewellery, such as those ethical diamond engagement rings from Serendipity Diamonds. Many jewellers buy their conflict-free diamonds from Canada and often a percentage of the profits are donated to a fund that will benefit African communities who have been harmed by the diamond industry.


Looking Beyond Canada

A lot of buyers tend to believe that conflict-free means the stones only come from Canada. While Canada seems to have a great reputation for diamonds that have been mined in an environmentally conscious manner that is also conflict-free, they are not the only country who mines conflict-free diamonds. Other producers include Australia, Russia and even many other African countries. The most important thing is that the diamond has all the necessary documentation that comes from the mine all the way to the jeweller. At present, the Ivory Coast is one country that the UN cites where diamonds are being smuggled and mined by rebels.


You Should Not Expect to Pay More

There are so many different factors that can render a diamond pricier, but being a conflict-free diamond is not one of them. If you deal with a jeweller that you trust, and do your research before buying an engagement ring, you can rest assured you’ve done your part in being a far more responsible diamond shopper.



Your special diamond should represent the purity of your love for one another. There are jewellers out there who continue to work with partners who nurture their employees and strive to create thriving and healthy communities. This helps jewellers to ensure they do not support any political unrest that occurs around certain diamond mines and they can then ensure the diamond you choose to gift to your love is worthy of that symbolism.



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