Doing a DIY Wedding Right

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to hire a wedding planner, and when the event is still months away it is easy to think you will be able to cope with everything yourself. It is possible to plan your own wedding you just need to have plans in place and not to try and do everything yourself.

The Venue Is Vital

The venue for your special day is vitally important and is something you should take the time to get right. Visit several of them and look at things such as ease of getting there, parking, toilet facilities and catering facilities may be needed.

You do not really want somewhere that holds more than one event in a day as that could put time constraints on your reception. You need to be able to have access for at least one day before the wedding so that you can put all your decorations in place and have the furniture how you want it.

When you are visiting different venues you will find that some cannot deal with your requests and others will be out of your price range. You may find a couple that fit the bill and will have a choice, but there is an alternative

You could ‘build your own’ venue, as long as you have somewhere large enough to put wedding marquees. You can hire toilets, lights, fridge units and anything else you need. It won’t work out much cheaper but might mean that you have the perfect venue for your wedding.

Choose A Theme For Everyone

If you want a theme for your wedding, which seems to be the popular thing to do, keep it simple so that guests can easily meet the requirements on the day. It could be that your theme is everything in a certain colour, or the ladies in one such a red, and the men in another that could be black. The photos will look extra special with this effect and it stops a lot of the people trying to outdo each other on the day.

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Be Flexible With Your Budget

Just because you have allowed £1000 for your dress does not mean that is what you have to spend. You may find a bargain in the sales, or if you know someone that is clever with a needle and thread, get them to make your dream dress for you.

Any money saved on some items can be used to enhance or add others. For example, if you are giving gifts to yours and your partners parents, to the bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen, why nor make them extra special by wrapping them with some hessian fabric. This will look so much more expensive than paper and could mean that the recipient will remember that gift forever more.

Be Prepared Well In Advance

There is very little that needs to be left until the last minute. You can do something towards your wedding every week so that you are well prepared and can then enjoy the time leading up to your special day. Solve any problems as they happen, and do not think that they will sort themselves out.

If you need to, ask for help along the way. Family and friends will be delighted to assist you all they can, and that can take some of the burden from your shoulders.

You may be surprised how some people can take control of certain situations and be very good at it. As long as they do not change anything from the way you want it to be, delegating some tasks to others can make the whole process a lot less stressful, and you might be surprised the skills some people have that you were unaware of.

Get To Know Your Vendors

Get to know the caterers you have chosen, the florist that will be making your flowers, the photographer and anyone one else that is going to be responsible for something at your wedding.

Getting to know them builds a relationship that makes the service they are providing more personal, and they will likely make a bit more effort when that is the case.

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Enjoy Your Wedding Day

When the big day arrives you have to stop being the wedding planner and trust that everything will go as planned. Making sure things are in place and getting your hair done at the same time is impossible. Stop fretting and just let the day go ahead, otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy your wedding and reception, and that has been the whole points of several months work.

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