Don’t Let Your Wedding Be Boring

Your wedding is your big day. If you’re anything like the average bride, you’ll have been dreaming about and perhaps even planning your wedding since you first really knew what a wedding was, so the last thing you want is for it to be a total let down. You don’t want to see yawning guests at your perfectly planned reception or have people sneaking away early because the day is so desperately dull, and you know what? You don’t have to!

There are a number of things you can do to stop your perfect wedding day turning into a yawn fest…

Introduce Your Guests Before the Big Day

If there’s one thing that can make a wedding reception boring and awkward, it’s first-time introductions. Unless you’re having a very small wedding, it’s likely that family members from both sides, who’ve never met before will be turning up and that means a lot of time spent on tedious introductions and awkward small talk on the big day UNLESS you introduce them first.

Obviously, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to introduce everyone, so that they’re more relaxed on your wedding day, but try to invite more people to your wedding rehearsal or throw some kind of gathering before the big day and you’ll cut the amount of introductions that need to be made at your wedding reception.

Leave the Traditional Behind

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If you want a 100 percent traditional wedding then fine, but if you aren’t much for custom and you want your wedding to wow, consider switching things up a bit. Forget the usual tips for choosing wedding flowers, cakes, and venues and go for something outrageous like a bold rainbow bouquet or origami flowers, swap the wedding cake for donuts and book a treehouse for the reception instead of a swanky hotel. Do anything that will set your wedding apart, and you’ll go some way to keeping boredom at bay.

Get Serious About Entertainment

The entertainment at the average wedding reception will typically consist of a band or DJ, or perhaps both. There’s nothing wrong with either and music and dancing is what a wedding reception is about, but it can be so much more too. Hire circus performers, have belly dancers pout on a show or get your favorite comedian to perform a set and your guests will be wowed.

Take Time with the Seating Plan

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If you don’t want your guests to be bored, put some effort into creating a killer seating plan, where all of your guests are placed on tables with people they are likely to have something in common with. If, for example, you have a group of rowdy friends from college attending your wedding, don’t seat your aunt and uncle who never went to college and who like nothing more than doing jigsaw puzzles in the evening. They won’t mesh, and they’ll feel bored, left out and weary pretty soon.

Was your wedding anything but boring? What did you do to ensure that your big day was a yawn-free occasion for everyone involved?

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