Dusty rose or hot pink bridesmaid dresses

There are two popular shades of pink to choose from, depending on your theme and type of wedding. Are you going for beautiful dusty rose or striking hot pink? Choices, choices…

Pink has always been a fabulous wedding color and pink bridesmaid dresses can look classic, contemporary or quirky depending on the hue you choose. It also works beautifully with a bunch of different accent colors, from light grays and greens to stronger colors like navy blue, purple or gold.

This season you can choose from two popular shades of pink, depending on the type of wedding and the look of your venue. Are you going for beautiful Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dresses or striking hot pink? Choices, choices…

Blushing beauties

Let’s start with Dusty Rose, which flatters every skin tone and is one of our most popular colours. It’s a super versatile choice, as it looks just as good in a classic country house as it does in a more relaxed and bohemian place.

Dusty rose bridesmaid dresses

As part of your color theme, it works well with touches of white and gold, paired with sage green or light blue, or paired with pretty spring pastels. Dresses in silver grey, sage green, light blue and lavender are perfect to combine with blush. Also try dusty rose pink with dark navy blue or dark green for a much more modern feel.

Hot pink

At the other end of the color range, we have hip hot pink, the perfect way to add a splash of vibrant color to your big day. As an accent color it is beautiful with white and gold or mixed with other softer pinks and whites. Whichever shade of pink you go for, yelure.com has different styles of dresses, so there’s a design for everyone.

It’s easy to mix and match colors to get the perfect combination! For a summer wedding full of tropical colors, pair pink with bright yellow and orange, while for a winter wedding, pair pink with rich jewel tones such as deep purple and dark navy blue.

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