Effective Technique To Trim and Cut Curly Hair From Home

curly hair

There are several reasons why you may want to trim and cut curly hair from home. One of the most common motives in recent years is the presence of COVID-19. Of course, that’s not the only reason you may decide to cut or trim your curly hair at home.

But, whatever the reason, it is important that you know the right technique to do it properly. If you don’t get it right you may be stuck wearing hats while your hair grows out!

What you Need

The most important piece of equipment is a high-quality pair of scissors. It is important that these are hair scissors and not normal scissors. You don’t need an expensive pair of hair scissors but you do need a good pair.

Alongside this you’ll want a good-sized handheld mirror, this will help you to see the back of your head.

Clean Hair

It’s a good idea to cut your hair when it is dry but it should also be clean. Use a good quality shampoo, such as one from the Olaplex range to make sure your hair is clean then allow it to dry before you cut it. You can blow dry it if you wish.

Get Your Hair Positioned Properly

You now need to get your hair into position for cutting. To start with gently move your head back and forth, this will allow it to naturally drop and sit in the best position. Take your time doing this as you want your hair to look like it naturally will after it has been cut.

You can then lift any sections of hair that are longer than your shoulders onto your shoulders. This helps you to see the current length of it and decide how much you wish to cut off.

Don’t forget that when you have curly hair taking an inch off can substantially reduce the length of your hair. In other words, start small, a quarter of an inch is enough

Start Trimming

Once you have positioned your hair and decided how much needs to be removed you can start trimming with your hair scissors. Take a small section of hair and lift it straight above your head. You will then be able to see where you want to cut it.

To make the cut, place your index and middle fingers at the cutting point, this tells you where to cut as you move the hair to a position where you can access it with your scissors.

Cut the section and then bring the neighbouring piece up to match the cut.

Take your time moving around your head, lifting strands as you go. This technique will give you a good finish with all the hair being the same length.

You can check your progress in the mirror as you work and inspect it when you have finished.

Your first time will be slow but the good news is that you’ll get faster the more you do it.

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