Elevate Your Wedding Reception With These Additions

Weddings are an amazing time to bring together two people and celebrate their love. For the couples who are looking to hold a truly epic event, they may be looking to incorporate additional elements to take their event to the next level. If you are looking to create an experience that your guests will never forget, consider these additions to your wedding and you will be sure to create a memorable time for all involved.

Live Music

Music is a necessary component of any fun wedding reception and truly sets the tone for the event; however, everyone has been to weddings with a DJ. Consider taking a more unique route by hiring a Connecticut Wedding Band that can offer a truly engaging experience for your guests. Getting everyone onto the dance floor, grooving to live music will be the perfect setting for your most amazing memories.

Interactive Food

Food choices are critical when it comes to entertaining, and even more so during a wedding reception. To have an event that has everyone talking, consider having interactive food stations where your guests can create some of their favorites. Whether you integrate a waffle, guacamole, popcorn or mac and cheese bar, your guests will surely be excited about the chance to create their perfectly crafted flavor profiles.

Unexpected Entertainment

While some of the main attractions and activities during wedding receptions typically include dancing and photo booths, there are also ways to incorporate unexpected entertainment to surprise your guests. Whether you have guest appearances from mascots or family traditions, host lawn games or offer various bar tasting, these unexpected elements will keep your guests talking for years to come.

Beyond Bartending

For many having the right bar setup for your wedding is a key component of the event; however, you can take it one step further. By introducing artful elements, unique flavor profiles or signature cocktails, you can customize and make a typical component to the next level.

Late Night

Your wedding festivities do not have to end when the last song plays. In creating a truly unique experience that continues for hours, consider scheduling an after-party or late-night snack. Whether you select something to snack that meets the post-party munchies craving or if you hit the town, you are sure to create a memorable experience with your guests when you can truly kick back and relax.

Today’s weddings embrace the uniqueness of many couples, and you are sure to set yours apart by introducing these intriguing elements. With a unique take on a traditional reception, you can offer a fun, interactive and memory-making experience for all of your guests.

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