Emerald Engagement Ring: Buying Tips

If you are planning to ask your soulmate to spend the rest of her life with you and she happens to love emeralds, this article was written with you in mind. Of course, such an important piece of jewellery demands bespoke solutions and the custom jeweller is the person to talk to when you are looking for a unique emerald engagement ring.

Online Solutions

If you were thinking about how to find a reputable custom jeweller, a Google search will help you find hand-made emerald engagement rings by a skilled custom jeweller. Indeed, you can have an informal Zoom call with the jeweller, which would probably lead to the jeweller putting together a 3D computer generated image of the ring.

Calculate Your Budget

When you approach a custom jeweller, you should already have a firm figure in mind and it might surprise you to learn that customised jewellery is not that expensive. Once you have a figure, take a look online at engagement rings in that price bracket; for the same amount, you can design the ring and choose every aspect of the piece.

Online Reviews

Prior to making any firm agreement with a custom jeweller, you should check out client reviews, which the jeweller should furnish. The goal for the jeweller is to create the client’s concept and they are able to work to your budget, helping you to make all the right choices. Any reputable custom jeweller would have many happy clients, which brings peace of mind.

Loose Emeralds

The custom jeweller has access to the best quality raw, uncut gemstones and what’s more, at wholesale prices. Clients get to choose the cut and setting for the perfect custom emerald engagement rings to present to their soulmate. Of course, the average person knows little about gemstones, which is why the jeweller is there to advise you regarding gemstone selection.

Choosing The Cut & Setting

The custom jeweller will show you fine examples of popular cuts, while the setting options are many. Using a 3D imaging program, the jeweller can create a three-dimensional image of the ring.

Metal Options

The choices are many:

  • Yellow/rose/white gold
  • Platinum

The jeweller has a wealth of experience helping clients to make the right choices and for such an important piece of emerald jewellery, bespoke solutions are the only way to go.

Joint Decision

Most couples prefer to forego the surprise element and both have input in the ring design. Of course, you could present a token ring when going down on one knee, then both design the perfect ring. Your partner will be over the moon about customising the ring and a couple of carat emerald would be perfect.

Thanks to digital technology, you can have the perfect emerald engagement ring hand-crafted by a custom jeweller without having a face-to-face meeting. Regular zoom calls will take you to the point where every aspect is agreed, including price. The jeweller can start work and when the ring is finished, you can view remotely or arrange a physical viewing. When you are happy with the final outcome, a secure online payment is all it takes to conclude the transaction and the ring is despatched by courier to your home address.

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