English hotel offers yoga with Lemurs

lemur yoga

Do you harbor a secret wish to do yoga with animals? Well, there is a British hotel who can help you in this regard. Till now, we have all heard about goat yoga and dog yoga. The newfound concept of Lemur yoga is set to take the world by storm.

Lemur Yoga

The Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa, located near the Lake District Wildlife Park in Keswick, now offers its visitors something called LEMOGA. Which is essentially outdoor yoga with lemurs. The lemurs actually live in the wildlife park nearby and they are very friendly and social. No wonder, they are great yoga buddies.

lemur yoga

When you do watch the lemurs in one of the demo classes you will find that they actually do some of the poses very naturally and they do love to warm their bellies in the sunshine! The Manager of the Lake District have welcomed this unique idea as it will encourage people to shed all wrong information about lemurs and they will be tempted to spend more time with these lovely animals.

Wildlife Wellness

The Armathwaite Hotel conceived of this unique ‘meet the wildlife’ wellness program. Also includes a special session with the zookeepers, greeting the meerkats and walking alpacas across the huge 400-acre hotel grounds. The hotel believes that their LEMOGA program helps the guests to feel at one with nature. And it also participates in the playtime of the lemurs. Experts say such classes help to reduce blood pressure and is very good for relieving stress.

These creatures are very cute and it is very easy to get distracted by them. Or their antics during the yoga classes. But they are so adorable that you only hope that there are more such programs across the world on a regular basis. It is great fun to watch them curiously dart among the course participants. We are sure that you would love to do this course again and again, just for these beautiful creatures.

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