Ethical wedding and engagement rings with lab grown diamonds

A wedding naturally includes special rings. After all, it is a very important day and a pair of beautiful, unique wedding rings should not be missing. There are so many rings to choose from these days. Think of special colours, alternative materials and different diamonds. Are you looking for ethical wedding rings that will reduce your footprint on the earth? Then Linjer wedding rings might be something for you! These rings are made of recycled gold and silver and ethically produced.

Unique wedding rings with lab grown diamonds

Exclusive wedding rings with lab grown diamonds are also a wonderful choice. Linjer offers a great selection of wedding and engagement rings with beautiful diamond cut brilliants and 100% conflict free. A lab grown diamond is ecologically and socially a much better choice for the environment! No excavation is necessary and we do not have to deal with the poor working conditions in the mines.

The light shining into the brilliant from above splits into red, yellow, orange, blue, green and violet. Because diamond has a high color dispersion, a sparkling play of colors is created when the light falls on it. This is also called the fire of the diamond. Lab diamonds are often purer than natural diamonds. Diamond colors that are very scarce in nature, you can easily get in lab diamonds.

ethical wedding, lab grown diamonds
Ethical wedding and engagement rings

Handmade by craftspeople

Linjer jewelry is hand made by skilled craftspeople. And they take their ethical production serious. They only use precious metal from the Responsible Jewelry Council. Besides the lab grown diamond rings are more affordable. Lab diamonds are created under exactly the same conditions as in nature. The big difference is that these conditions, high pressure and high temperature, are simulated in a laboratory so that the diamond is created in a controlled, sustainable and, above all, faster way. A lab-grown diamond is ready in about 12 weeks, after which it is cut and turned into a piece of jewellery.

The exclusive Linjer wedding and engagement rings are undoubtedly the most chic rings you can own!

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