Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Rings Sparkling

person holding another person's hand with ring

For many new brides after their memorable wedding or even newly engaged couples, it’s not unusual to spend every spare second gazing at the glittering jewel on their finger. This is a symbol of your love and the exciting future before you, but how do you make sure it stays as shiny and bright as when you first got it? If you want to ensure your rings remain sparkling for the rest of your life, here are some essential tips to consider.

Buy From a Trusted Source

If you want your rings to last as long as possible, you need to make sure you look for diamond engagement rings for sale from an authentic and trusted source. These jewelers use real metals, rather than simply colored stainless steel, which ensures durability and helps the ring maintain its shine.

As your rings are something you will wear forever, it’s always worth the investment. Out of everything related to the wedding, and even the proposal, it’s perhaps one thing you should never go cheap on. Still, the difference between a $1000 ring and a $3000 ring is very slight, so you won’t miss out on quality.

Get It Insured

There are many reasons to get your jewelry insured, even if it’s simply for peace of mind. While the chances of anything happening are slim, you have the confidence that you are covered should disaster strike.

While this approach doesn’t keep the ring sparkling, it will keep it on your finger and allow you to replace it should you lose it, or if the ring gets damaged. You can take steps to prevent damage, such as removing it during strenuous activities or when you’re doing anything that could cause it to get scratched. ,

Don’t Take It Off In Public

The most common reason people lose or damage their rings is that they take them off in public. It doesn’t matter how careful you think you are, the rings are never truly safe, even if you put them in y6our purse or pocket.

Furthermore, removing them in public and – for whatever reason – leaving them to your side could attract thieves. Even if they don’t get stolen, you could accidentally knock them off the table, where they might fall through cracks.

Keep It Clean

Maintaining the sparkle is not difficult if you keep the ring clean. However, many people don’t know how to clean their wedding and engagement rings. They use harsh chemicals that can dull the metal or damage the stone or stones.

Instead, steam cleaning, ideally by a professional, is the best way to keep it clean. You don’t need to do this too often, and you can use mild dish soap to keep it clean in between. If you notice dirt or a dull finish, take it to a professional cleaner and get their advice.

Lasting a Lifetime

No matter what you buy, jewelry will fade as time goes on. So, if you want to maintain the magic and keep your rings, whether engagement or wedding, sparkling, make sure you consider this advice to keep them as shiny as the day you first placed them on your finger.

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