Exotic Summer Vibe Honeymoon Places to Consider

Summer weddings might not be that practical because of high temperatures, but there’s one great thing about them: summer honeymoons! After you tie the knot, it’s time to celebrate your marriage with a nice relaxing trip with your new spouse. And what better destination to visit than something exotic and tropical? Here are a few places perfect for a summer honeymoon that will blow your mind and provide you with unforgettable memories:

Friendly Thailand

If you want adventure, but mixed in with top relaxation and pampering, Thailand might be the perfect destination for you. This country in Southeast Asia has white beaches, a blue ocean, green rice fields, red tea and a whole rest of the palette of colors, tastes and sights. Make sure to book great accommodation with a comprehensive offer of spa services. Thai massages are world-famous and great for the body, muscles, tendons, but also the soul. Many facials, mud baths and other treatments will help you achieve a healthy glow and help you return home refreshed and looking better than ever. After a day spent at the beach and spa, you can go party like crazy in bars in Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui. And the people there are super friendly, happy to help and make your vacation even more amazing.

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Exotic Saint Lucia

If you’ve been dreaming of a Caribbean honeymoon your whole life, now’s the chance to make your dream a reality. Visit a more private and often underestimated Saint Lucia for an escape from the hectic and chaotic world that surrounds you. Saint Lucia is truly an ideal honeymoon destination, especially for those that want peace, quiet and privacy. If you need rejuvenation and relaxation, visit The Sulfur Springs in Saint Lucia, famous for their muddy baths with various health benefits and detox properties. And if you happen to get a few sunburns at the beach, this mud will feel super cooling and rejuvenating. Once you feel completely reenergized, you can enjoy various activities like hiking, diving, snorkeling and boating and snap some unforgettable underwater and above-water photos.

Hot Miami

If you don’t want to travel far away from home (assuming you live in the USA) yet still enjoy a beautiful and tropical honeymoon, Miami is a place for you. This Magic City has everything a couple might want from vacation—tropical beaches, plenty of luxury and romance, all the fun and excitement they wish and some tasty food and cocktails that will feel even tastier after a busy wedding period. Of course, don’t miss a chance to bask at the beach and catch some sun. When you get tired of the beach and hungry from swimming, you can treat yourselves to a lux meal. Find the most beautiful waterfront restaurant in Miami and have a perfect seafood meal. Enjoy some fresh shrimp or an entire fried snapper! And those views! Your honeymoon will be romantic, practical and super fun.

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Faraway Mauritius

Many people haven’t even heard about this magical island, but now is the time to discover it with your new spouse. This island in the Indian Ocean has some of the most amazing beaches and the bluest ocean you can imagine. Right now, there are various exclusive hotels and restaurants you can visit and enjoy complete privacy and romance for two. For some exciting quality time with your partner, explore Reunion Island by renting a car or a bike, or you can dive under the surface with an underwater scooter. If you’re having a summer wedding, this remote destination is a perfect spot for your honeymoon because temperatures are moderate and the ocean is welcoming.

Wild Tanzania

If you’re looking for a super exotic adventure, Tanzania will make all your dreams come true. It’s a perfect place for wildlife drives and getting to know the great animals of Africa, especially the so-called Big Five—African lion, African leopard, Cape buffalo, African elephant and great rhino. No matter if you’re very interested in animals or just want to experience something new and unique, a wildlife ride is a must-do couple’s activity. Want something even more exotic and unique? Try to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This is reserved for only fit and active couples, but there’s no better way to mark your love than to conquer one of the most famous peaks in the world together, hand in hand, and kiss overlooking the snowy caps of the mountain.

Are these destinations tropical and exotic enough for you? Once you’re officially married to your perfect person, crown your special time with one of these honeymoon vacations and have an unforgettable time for the books.

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