Expensive wedding? Wedding budget breakdown

Having an expensive wedding and a stressful planning process are two things that come to mind when you think of the whole process of planning a wedding.

Here is a breakdown of the wedding budget that will help you easily plan your wedding in the fun and cost-efficient way possible. The breakdown shows how much each wedding element costs and how much to allocate for each item and service.

Read on to know more about the wedding budget breakdown!

Expensive Wedding Budget Breakdown

Below is an outline of how you should allocate specific expenses of your wedding budget.

expensive wedding

50% To The Cake, Venue, Catering, And Rental Costs

These items and services consume the most significant part of your wedding budget. You should consider the services that need attention to detail first when allocating finances.

The budget covers the cost of baking your wedding cake, getting a venue space, hiring caterers to supply food and drinks, and rentals like chairs, tables, and tents.

12% To Videography And Photography

A wedding is a special occasion that needs every moment captured. 12% of the budget should be set aside for great videos and photographs of your day.

After these services are provided, you will have to cover the cost of the time taken and labor supplied by the videographers and photographers.

9% To Décor

The décor has to be outstanding and close attention to details must be paid to it. Therefore, 9% should be allocated to flower arrangements, bouquets, decorations, and special lighting.

8% To Attire, Makeup, And Hair

You have to look outstanding on your wedding day. To achieve your desired look, you have to allocate 8% of the budget to the cost of the dress, shoes and accessories, makeup artist, and hairstylist.

7% To Entertainment

If you are working on a budget, it is good to research in advance to know how much to set aside for the DJ or a live band. The music sector should consume 7% of your budget.

3% To The Wedding Planner

There is a need to hire a wedding planner for your special day. Where there is a professional taking care of your celebration and all the details, you can rest easy.

10% To Transportation, Expensive Wedding Bands, Officiant, Stationery And Goodies For Guests

Each one of these items and services requires a 2% allocation of the budget. Many couples hire transportation to ensure guests get to the venue on time.

There is also a 2% of the budget that covers the cost of hiring an officiant to marry you legally. The other 2% for stationery like wedding cards, menus, programs, and thank you cards.

The wedding bands should be allocated 2% if you are on a budget, although some people like going all out with the rings.

Lastly, the parting gifts that your guests will remember at your wedding should consume 2% of your budget.

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