Expert Advice: Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

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When you get married you are faced with an enormous number of decisions; the guest list, choosing the clothes, the locations, music and the dinner or catering. But one of the decisions that is a real must for your wedding is choosing a professional wedding photographer like Melissa Mayes Photography. Here are some great tips to get your started.

1. Which photographer suits you?

Before you even make a choice, you should think about what kind of photographer suits you. To do this, you first look at the style of the photographer. There are three types of wedding photography styles: traditional wedding photography, journalistic wedding photography and editorial wedding photography.

When choosing a wedding photographer, it is important that the photographer’s working method suits you. Traditional wedding photography means that the photographer will provide as many instructions as possible to take the perfect wedding photos for you. This is where the classic posed wedding photos come from. A lot of time is often allocated for a photo shoot at a beautiful/special location.

Journalistic wedding photographers capture all moments as they are. They will keep a low profile on the day itself and the photos they take will not be posed at all. A wedding photographer who works journalistically will never interrupt your day because the moment is not captured well enough yet.

Editorial wedding photographers have a great eye for detail. Think of many photos of flowers and the location. In their portfolios you will find many photos of still life’s and portraits and less of the whole story of the wedding day.

Once you have chosen a style of photography, you start looking for a wedding photographer. Here you should pay attention to the photographer’s portfolio, the region in which the photographer works, the photographer’s price and whether he or she is also available on your wedding date.

2. Request quotes

Once you have found a number of photographers that you find interesting, the next step is to approach them for a quote, so that you know what the photographer offers for what budget. In any case, the answers you want to find on the quotation are:

How long will the photographer come to photograph, all day or only during the most important moments of the day?

What about travel costs and time?

How many photos do you end up with?

How long do you have to wait for your photos?

How are the photos delivered?

Is there a down payment, if so how much is it?

Agree in advance what your budget is for the wedding photographer. Our advice: don’t immediately go for the cheapest photographer! Nowadays there are many amateur photographers who offer their services for a small price. Of course, this is not without risks, because you cannot simply redo your wedding photos. So take the time to find a wedding photographer that suits you!

3. Meeting with the photographer

Many couples will want to meet with the photographer before the big day. Communication is also a very important element when choosing a photographer. During this meeting you can look at the portfolio again with the photographer and discuss what your wishes are and whether he/she is the one who can realize them.

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